Dry and cracked lips


What it is called the drying lips, often inflammation of the lips (cheilitis).

Lips with Hayley really look dry. They turn red, covered with cracks and peels. Will be itching and burning.

Most often it happens from cheilitis retinoids (derivatives of vitamin A).

Another cause may be:

  • Some other medicines;
  • high body temperature during illness;
  • dry and cold ambient air;
  • lack of certain vitamins.
Lips easily dry. They dry out ten times faster than the surrounding skin on the face.

Often on the lips is contact dermatitis from saliva

Many people lick their lips. Most often it is done by children aged 7 - 15 years. Saliva - not water. In the saliva of many enzymes that digest food. Enzymes are corrosive to the skin on the lips.

May be allergic

Cosmetics, toothpaste and mouthwash, various fruit (mango, citrus), cinnamon can cause allergic dermatitis on her lips.

The main allergens of cosmetics - it flavors, Peruvian balsam and nickel.

Another classic example of allergen - is castor oil, which is used in lipstick as a solvent for the dyes.


This crack in the corners and inflammation of the mouth. Perleche begins with the fact that the angles become wet and crack mouth from saliva. Then it settles Candida or Staphylococcus aureus.

Zayed happen at any age but is more common in older people who wear dentures. Dentures irritate the mouth, and food leftovers are fed microbial.

When older people lose their teeth, they bite changes, and hang the corners of his mouth. After hanging corners of the mouth saliva flows, irritating to skin and cracks. About the same mechanism works in infants who suck thumbs or who are teething. They also drains saliva irritates the corners of the mouth.

Zayed occurs in people with diabetes and impaired immunity. Sometimes it happens against the background of deficiency of iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid.

What to do with those lips

If possible, stop using drugsThat cause inflammation.

lips lubricated Vaseline.

Zayed It should be treated by the doctor. Antifungal agents do not just prescribe. They are not harmless and is not always in the fungus. In any case it is useful to protect cracks in the corners of the mouth zinc paste or jelly. If Zayed people who wear dentures, you need to be sure to correctly handle the prosthesis. Prostheses - a hotbed of infection. They may be treated with a special liquid or antibacterial mouthwash with chlorhexidine.

No need to lick your lips. From this, it becomes worse.

Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Apply on the lips means for protection against ultraviolet radiation. Sun fuck lips, even in winter. If you choose to lip balm, then take it with protection from the sun.

Do not tear off scabs from his lips. From this it will be worse. It is better to seal the crust thick balm petrolatum or beeswax. Under a thick ointment scabs heal faster.

Avoid balm camphor, eucalyptus or menthol. From these essential supplements lips more dry.

at once to heal rifts on the lips. If they leave, the infection can begin.

Smear lips before going to bed. Many people sleep with your mouth open and drooling.

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