How to feed the baby-Nehochuha: 5 secrets and recipes for parents

What to do if a child refuses from vegetables and again requires your favorite pasta? Be a little imagination - and it's done!

vegetables and fruits - is a source of vegetable fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. And, of course, they must be in a child's diet. The rate for a preschooler - 4-5 servings of vegetables and fruit a day (one portion - the size of a child's fist), student - 6.

During the day, the entire amount can be distributed as follows:

  • morning - cereal or cottage cheese with berries,
  • on snack - fruit for lunch - soup, salad,
  • at lunch - fruit,
  • for dinner - meat with vegetables.

If the child does not like a food, try to offer it in a playful way. Or make fun with food according to our recipe.

Feeding by example

Play games, but if you do not eat fruits and salads, it is unlikely that it will do your child. So serve your child a role model - and succeed!

Show imagination in decorating dishes

Do not persuade the child to eat more and not make to eat up. The main thing - do not cram in plenty of baby food and cause food-interest!

How to feed the baby-Nehochuha: 5 secrets and recipes for parents /

Cream of seasonal vegetables "Bunny"


• soup of any vegetables (carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes, zucchini)

• for decoration - double cream and dill

Preparation: Pour into a bowl soup, and heavy cream - in tea or dessert spoon. Sprinkle the cream on the surface of the soup. Toothpick, wooden stick or the tip of the knife drops connect to the desired pattern. Attach bunny "whiskers" of dill.

Macaroni and cutlets "Birds in nests"


• chicken or meat patties

• pasta

• to decorate - lettuce, greens, red onion, carrot, boiled egg and some olive

Preparation: shape of the pasta "nests" and put the "chicks." Put them on a piece of lettuce. make eyes, the pupils of the egg whites - from olives. Archery - eyebrows, carrot - beaks. Gently pressed ingredients in the burgers that they held.

How to feed the baby-Nehochuha: 5 secrets and recipes for parents /

Ham with vegetables "Happy Clown"


  • ham slice
  • cucumber
  • a tomato
  • pepper
  • 1/3 carrot

Preparation: Put chopped carrots around the ham, take a cucumber eyes and a bow tie. Clown nose - cherry tomatoes, mouth - sweet pepper.

Pancakes with fruit and berries "Ladybug, fly away"


  • 2 pancakes
  • kiwi
  • 4-5 berries strawberries
  • some currant berries, blueberries or blackberries

Preparation: Put a oladushek on sliced ​​kiwi slices, and another cut in half and place on top. This is the basis for the "wings". Decorate wings berries.

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