2 means for basal volume of hair that really work

Now I'm going through the painful stage of hair otraschivaniya. And I curse the day decided to take a short cut. Growing hair is more the test, they do not want to pack, do not keep their shape, sticking out in different directions. And "encouraging" the lack of volume.

Products that help before lift hair at the roots, no longer cope with my dangling strands. I began looking for a new miracle-funds that will save my head.

First I tried to spray, which is used by many hairdressers:

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I had pinned great hopes on him. Used shampoo and balm of this series and was satisfied. But the spray volume turned out to be none. He not only does not volume, but even seals the hair, although it certainly should do. It's a shame. 1500 rubles thrown to the wind. From pluses - nice refined aroma. All!

Spray volume mousse basal ESTEL HAUTE COUTURE

Avoiding Estelle do not favor. But he delighted the mousse. Even when it is applied to wet hair, I felt them getting bigger. Shaken up a bit, and there was even amount on wet hair. Pokoldovat hairdryer and brushing and presto: quite a decent haircut. The volume keeps the whole day, and the next day it becomes even better. Head does not stain, which is extremely important to me. And this at a price of 500 rubles. Five points.

Estel Powder to create hair volume

Mousse impressed, bought a powder to the volume of Estel. But I made friends with her at once. The product is a fine powder, which is similar to the usual friable powder. If you pour on the hand, and then wash it, hand it becomes sticky.

The powder should be applied to clean dry hair, dividing them into strands. The first time I struck it, a little comb the hair and by the end of the day they have me become sticky and unpleasant. During the day I comb a few times, plucking the hair at the roots, it was found that the powder does not like it.

How to use powder for the volume:
1. To wash hair
2. Place the hair dryer and brushing
3. Sprinkle the hair root powder
4. Make a light fleece
5. Secure stacking varnish
6. Do not touch the hair at the roots, neither hands nor comb. Of course, you need to correct them if necessary, but the roots of it is better not to climb. Otherwise the hair will become greasy quickly.

In general, to date, mousse and powder from Estelle - my favorite. Funds actually work. But this is my quest is not over, I think there is a beauty-tools that work even steeper.

And what do you use? Share in the comments
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