At the height of fashion 2019 jeans boyfriends!

Hello, dear friends and readers of Fashion and Beauty Channel!

Today I want to talk to you about jeans! For several years, the palm held boyfriends jeans with a distinctive baggy free cut, low-slung, non-elastic denim, straight leg.

In the female wardrobe, these pants have migrated from the male with minor adjustments:
• waist becomes excessive,
• zauzhayutsya leg down or expanded,
• shortened to 7 \ 8 length or extended to the floor,
• there are alleys,
• colors ranging from white to caramel, light blue to dark blue, gray to black,
• digested color in different zones of different shades,
• appears decor (perforation, scrapes, holes, slots, latki, lace, fringe, embroidery, stripes, beads, etc.).

These changes in miksovaniya with other clothing elements gave rise to the imagination. Here are some options for stylish images that emphasize femininity and sexuality.

Classic monochrome or a combination with print stamp, the crop a top, a turtleneck or T-jeans boyfriend bow creates a comfortable for walking. Comfortable sports shoes at a low sole - sneakers, sneakers Converse, sneakers, slipony - it complements perfectly.

The cool weather will be appropriate cardigan, jacket or long loose shirt. Complete the image of a sports or polusportivny backpack bag thrown over his shoulder.

Lightweight chiffon or silk blouse with floral print shirt original cut or guipure top will look harmonious with jeans in a romantic way. Onions can be supplemented with an elegant blazer or cardigan knitted.

To pick up along desirable feminine shoes - ballet flats, sandals, gladiators, sandals, slippers or sandals wedges or heels. So that the image was finished, put the bag on a long strap, jewelry, watches.

Leather jacket, black leather jackets in black over a shirt, sweatshirt, light blouse or shirt and boyfriend jeans - cool mix of urban daily or evening style. Every day fit running shoes or other sports shoes to elegant outfit need the boat heels, a small handbag on the strap or clutch.

With shorter narrowed or tucked bojfrendami and sharp-nosed shoes or sandals legs seem longer and slimmer shape looks. Shoes with straps, rivets, stones can become a focus in the image.

But to add the onions sexuality and femininity, it is necessary to wear low-necked top, translucent or open-work blouse for cool evenings - elegant blazer. As an accessory use miniature clutches, decorated with rhinestones, sequins, expensive jewelry.

Shortened jacket in ethno style with textured fabrics with bright print is an original look with jeans. In conjunction with the shoes with heels and a boyfriend with a high waist low even girls will appear higher.

The combination of jeans and body hugging boyfriends body, turtlenecks, sweaters favorably emphasize a slender figure. You can add emphasis to the waist, adding harmony, beautiful strap with original buckle. Ideal platform sandals with thick massive heel. The highlight will be the image of a miniature handbag.

Baggy boyfriend wonderful compensated vest. She adds the image of freshness and lightness. At the same time strip is not possible to choose the traditional white and blue, and red and white, so dress will be brighter. onion completion is an elegant necklace or handbag with an animal print.

Mix shirts and jeans boyfriends gives the image of freedom, looseness and comfort. This combination is perfect for casual and formal evening image, nature walks. The shirt can be form-fitting or straight, of Cotton, flannel or the shirt fabric, color white, blue, into the cell.

Shirt worn untucked, dressed in full or only half. He dresses well with a strap, emphasizing the waist. Extravagance add onions rolled up sleeves. Complement the ensemble can be sandals, sneakers, loafers, court shoes.

To create a sporty ensemble perfect combination of boyfriends and alcoholic-shirts, shirts, svitshota, sweaters free size slightly. Showiness simple bow will add high-heeled shoes, sunglasses, hat, scarf, scarves or bracelets.

It looks very harmonious contrast jeans boyfriends and weightless top. This may be a thin T-shirt, top, delicate lace tunic, cardigan or cape made of light translucent fabric. Add contrast massive decorations, a small handbag on the strap in combination with a shoe.

The ensemble of jeans and a sweater, cardigan or pullover give warmth and comfort. Sweater can be close-fitting or loose, with large viscous, bright print, the original patterns.

By onions suitable as feminine boots with a high heel, and stylish shoes with thick soles solid, Loafer, moccasin or espadrilles. Nicely complement the image sunglasses and bags of different styles, rucksack with a long strap.

Originally looks combination bojfrendov, short jacket and the bulk scarf LICs, large handkerchief chosen to match with the shoes, or on the contrary a contrasting color. It complements the image of a medium-sized bag, shoes with heels.

Cold weather is perfect boyfriend jeans and a shortened mix natural or artificial sheepskin coats, classic coats, coats, cocoon, not really down jacket volume. To bow fit Timberland, chelsea, boots with heels. Bulk bag completes the image.

I really hope that my review will help in drawing up the ensemble with jeans boyfriend.

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