Blouses for 50-year-old fashionistas

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As you remember, in the last article I told you any fashion maxi skirts to choose and what to wearsummer 2019 women to look stylish and compelling. It is available on clicking on this link.

And today I want to tell you what blouse to choose an adult woman. After all, in 50 years, a woman wants to be fashionable and beautiful. What models of blouses 2019 will enable women to achieve the desired mature in 2019?

Relevant today for the age of the fair sex are blouses:

· Underwear style. Accurate models without extra laces, combined with elegant outerwear good option at all times.

· With a romantic decor. Should avoid ruffles and drapes, but all sorts of bows are welcome. Pea print will look really cute on a woman over 50.

· With bat sleeves. Style allows you to hide the extra weight in problem areas: arms, shoulders, etc.

· Extended. Option that allows you to balance the figure and make the silhouette more correct if it is the owner of figury- "pear".

· Basques. An elegant solution, which also hides a small tummy.

· with smell. Trendy and perfectly masking the shortcomings of all types of figures. Blouses can be complemented by various decoration: embroidery, buttons and other options, the main thing is not to overdo it.

· A jacket cut. Such models - timeless classic, always relevant and universal.

· striped. This trend can be traced not only in blouses, but also in dresses, sundresses, etc.

As for the fabric of the dress is made, it should give preference to silk, flax, cotton and other natural materials, creating a comfortable feeling, allowing skin to breathe.

The color scheme depends on the body. Fragile ladies suit pastel light shades that will refresh and visually rejuvenate his mistress.

Owners dark mop of hair can afford the sand shades.

Blouses black look great on women who do not have the nature of the pale skin. In this case, it is not necessary to consider the options open, for example, with short sleeves, deep neckline, etc.

It is not necessary to fill up your wardrobe with models in coral and pale olive green and khaki.

Floral motifs in 2019 are welcome, but for mature women should be very careful, because too large patterns draped years kilogram.

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