The best haircuts for fifty years of women in 2019-2020

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As you remember, in a previous article I told you a fashionable and beautiful clothes from the skin, which allows women to look stylish and richly at any age. It is available on clicking on this link.

And today I'll tell you about haircuts for fifty-five and older women who would demand and popular in 2019-2020, as well as help their owners of visually lose 5-10 past years.

Hair - an important element of the image of any woman. Proper hairstyle and beautiful, healthy hair can significantly rejuvenate the owner. However, wearing the same haircut for many years - not the best option, because the face and figure change with age. Accordingly, sometimes it is necessary to try new hairstyles.

Stylists give general recommendations for women over 50: abandon the traditional bangs.

It is better to choose an asymmetrical bangs or laid on its side, so that the forehead remained open.

Asymmetrical bangs are good by the fact that the great secret of plump cheeks.

Owners broad facial features people older than 50 years are beginning to make greater efforts to hide wrinkles. Kare with the transition to the crown to help such women visually rejuvenate and cover skin imperfections.

Overly broad cheekbones can hide an elongated square with no bangs.

The habit of women dye their hair in bright colors with the old approach can play a cruel joke. Although it is believed that the dark hair are old, really important - this is the right hairstyle, hair length, skin color.

Owners of light skin is important to remember that the hair should not be lighter than the skin. Otherwise, the woman will always look pale. Can be released on the sides of gold or caramel color strands. Bangs can not do.

Fresh, easy way to help create highlights and coloring in subdued tones.

Woman with dark hair is not necessary to lighten hair. It is better to follow the rules for creating hairstyles that are the same for blondes and brunettes.

Top universal hairstyles over fifty without a bang

shoulder-length bob. This hairstyle is versatile - you can pick out the tips in any color, do Ombre and coloring;

square, elongated front. Face, framed by long strands, usually in a stylish and fashionable women;

asymmetrical bob. This haircut is not for everyone, and it is better to consult a specialist.

bob-bob without bangs. This hairstyle is suitable for owners of hair straight and wavy, it gives the image of lightness.

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