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As you remember, in a previous article I told you of the most fashionable and beautiful hairstyles are very good refresh and rejuvenate the five decades of women. It is available on clicking on this link.

Today I'll show you the example of the world-famous Blogersha how to dress stylishly and beautifully, without regard to age. Agree, it's really beautiful! I am waiting for your comments.

Known Blogersha Susan Street never ceases to amaze her stylish image. Young girls and older women interested in new fashion ideas Susan. Many of its solutions can be used to create your own style.

Strict style

Business woman can use in your wardrobe is not only dull colors, it is allowed to use elements of bright colors. This solution will refresh the image to make it more expressive and at the same time elegant.

Casual style

In the ordinary way, you can make every day a highlight and look superb. The combination of easy close-fitting blouse with jeans narrowed - a winning option. The combination of different styles and colors will allow to look young and attractive.

Evening attire

Restraint evening dresses can be diluted with an exquisite necklace. A neat little bag completes the image, placing accents.


Footwear and accessories play an important role in the completion of the bow. The same bag can be useful for everyday costume, and for publication. It is important to correctly write the image.

Open shoes add elegance woman underline its fragility. Boats on the heels, shoes with buckles will be the ideal solution. Do not forget about the light scarves and stoles, they must be in harmony with other wardrobe items.


Feminine and stylish look single-breasted and double-breasted coat. Styles can be selected are different, the main thing that they are profitable emphasized waistline. Straight coat with animalistic print combines with a red background.

Short coat enliven onions, bringing it closer to the youth. Mandatory element of the wardrobe should be knitted cardigans. They may serve as outerwear in the warm season.

Stylish and young can look at any age. This will help to choose the clothes elaborately.

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