Strong and independent woman

There is a type of women, with a special relation to men.

All the men in their understanding - the weak and not able to do anything.

Actually, due to the fact that they think so, they are men, and across the way.

So, finding it "such a" self-righteous, these ladies begin their men in every way blame the weak and helpless.

For every mistake look like it's a betrayal of the motherland.

If suddenly the man, out of kindness, decided to make a gift in a ladies will immediately find the cause of such a noble act - of course, alters or "nakosyachil" somewhere.

In any case it is stronger, smarter, more agile and smarter. Everything in her hands lit and children are fed and husband "under the heel"

On the one hand, we can say that the woman is done. Nothing wrong with it does not. Well saws. So he really feeble. Well, screams, well, how can we not cry if it is not a dish for even will wash?

On the other hand, if a deeper look at the situation, the man can and wants to be stronger. Well, who will give him something?

Such women tend to keep their very strength.

· A store because they do not believe in yourself.

• Do not believe that without their help and their helpfulness someone will love.

· That without their return, they will need someone.

Such women are accustomed from childhood to love them not just because, but for the case.

I washed the dishes - well done.

The room is not cleaned - a bad girl.

Such an attitude to the girls in my childhood makes them servile, but at the same time, the dominant women.

You say. And now, not to raise? Just crack up?

No, from excessive, unreasonable praise, children grow up spoiled.

We are looking for balance.

Remove the room - well done.

Not washed the dishes - ask why it happened? Please wash.

Without reproach! Without scandal! Without hysterics!

You say, yes it is possible!

Quite possible. If you develop the habit of not irritated by trifles. Well, not washed the dishes. Ask to wash all.

If you do not perform something intentionally. Ask why you do that?

Talk with the children.

Love them, praise, sometimes scold. But to explain your behavior and attitude.

Say that you are tired, it is hard for you that you need their help.

Thus, the child will understand that, in principle, does not necessarily serve to be good.

And it will come back to you for advice and you will become a true friend.

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