What happens when children have children?

Nowadays, very often young people (who are themselves still children) under the influence of hormones and allegedly give birth to love family and have children.

How bad is it?

Children - this is not a toy. It's for life. And what the child will have a life depends on you.

If you are unable to provide for themselves, then what about the children, can we talk?

Yes, we can say that with the advent of children's motivation and will be something to live for. It would be nice so, but in fact it turns out otherwise.

People who do not yet grown up, trying to raise kids.

That they can give themselves more when firmly stand on their feet?

Bear children need when you are mentally prepared when you have something to share and to give. And you need a lot to give. It is not only sleepless nights and financial investments. This infinite patience and humility. This unconditional love and devotion.

And how terrible to look at when children are not necessary.

Here the lovers lived a couple of years, the guy realized that he was tired / not cope / is not his left. Young girl with a baby in her arms. Dad did not really work, child support will not wait. That's all love.

All the rage for a failed relationship and lost youth falls on the baby. And nice to have parents who can help. And when a young mother is all alone?

Here begins the ordeal, endless new pope for the child. And, in fact, the child is not necessary, it is more a hindrance.

And the meaning of it all?

It is better to have learned to master the profession, find a good job. Become self-sufficient, full member of society.

If you are up to the birth of children led a modest lifestyle after the birth of children are only worse. And children do not help to avoid loneliness and to feel fit.

And yes - the children's fine! This is our future. This is what makes life worth living.

BUT! Children should not have children. This is our future, and would like to see in our world was less miserable little creatures who are not to blame for the fact that they do not need.

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