What if you - a spender?

Surely, you often hear or even yourself say that "money is spent like sand through your fingers." With this, unfortunately, it is facing a very large number of people.

Without rules is not enough.

Optimize accounting finance

The basis of reference budget It is the same principle as in weight control. You need to learn how to count everything. Only instead of calories - money.

Control of the family budget

If you have a family - maintain budget It will be more difficult, because every time you need to ask who, how many and what to spend. If a family wife likes to spend money, then the control will have to give to her husband, and vice versa. It does not give you the right to spend the money, but simply to control them and keep records.

What if you - a spender? / istockphoto.com

Carry cash

With the money that constantly see, harder to leave than virtual. It is best to wear a one-dollar bill.

Connect children

If you have adults and children understand, tell them about how you are driving the budget, and become an example financial behavior.

postpone buying

If at the end of the month you still have a bit of spare cash, put money aside. Believe me, you will after some time like to have money left over, and you do not want to just spend it on something.

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