How to cook eggplant caviar for the winter

Summer pleases weather, as well as a variety of harvest of fruits and vegetables. I suggest you try to cook a delicious and incredibly tasty dish - eggplant caviar. Personally, I love a blank for the winter! I share with you the recipe!

eggplant caviar

You will need:

• eggplant - 2 kg;

• hot peppers - 2 pod;

• tomatoes - 1.5 kg;

• Salt - 3 tablespoons no slides;

• sugar - 1 tbsp no slides;

• bow - 1 kg;

• carrots - 1 kg;

• pepper - 1 kg;

• vegetable oil.

How to cook:

Wash the eggplant, cut into slices, pour 5 tablespoons salt in a large bowl and pour water so that it covered all the vegetables. Leave the eggplant minutes at 40 to have gone all the bitterness. After that, you need to thoroughly wash the vegetables.

Squeeze excess liquid from eggplant, fry with oil and place in a large pan.

Fry the chopped onions, fry it in butter and also send to the eggplants.

Fry in butter on medium grater grated carrot and put to the eggplant and onions.

Now clean the seeds from the stalks and bell pepper, cut it into pieces, sauté in a pan and place the rest of the vegetables.

Sauté the pieces of tomatoes and also put in a pan. You can remove the pre-peel tomatoes.

It remains to add salt, sugar and hot pepper to all components.

Cook the dish for 40 minutes on low heat, making it difficult to regularly, so that the components are not burnt to the bottom of the pan.

Spread out on a hot caviar sterilized jars, fold their lids and sterilize 15 minutes.

Then banks can roll, turn them upside down, warmed until complete cooling.

The dish is ready! It turns insanely delicious! Keep eggplant caviar at room temperature and enjoy the winter bright greetings of the summer! Bon Appetit!

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