Save the family budget: 5 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Products are one of the most significant items of expenditure. Especially if a large family and pamper yourself with a delicious loves everyone.

we picked up five tips so that you can save on food, but do not lose in quality.

Compose your shopping list

To this end, develop a menu for the week: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Revise the contents of the kitchen cupboards and the fridge and make a shopping list in the ingredients, which are lacking for the preparation of the planned meals. And nothing more.

Compare prices in stores

Get everything in one supermarket - it's convenient. But sometimes, if you go to the next grocery around the corner, you can buy a delicious and cheap bread. If search and compare prices do not have time, try to be purchased once a week. Avoid small daily purchases. Statistics show that they are often more costly in the final sum.

visit markets

Very often, the farmers put a huge layouts with home-made products. Such a purchase option may be cheaper and more useful. Yes and taste homemade cheese are substantially different from the product from the store.

Avoid impulse buying

Do not buy products from the list not only because they are cheap and suddenly wanted to. Discounts for and are designed to deceive the people and to promote more purchase. Also, do not take the children with you to the store. They "want" can significantly reduce the amount of your purse. While the benefits of such a purchase "on child volition" may be minimal.

look down

According to the rules of merchandising the most expensive items are placed on shelves at the level of the eyes of the buyer, and the cheapest - at the lower shelves. Do not be lazy to bend down and examine the downstream range. Also, do not look into the departments that you do not need (to withdraw the products from the list of groups: meat, vegetables, and so on). And do not forget that the store must attend full.


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