Grudnichka menu for months: it is necessary to give the child in 7 months

At 6 months, the child met with vegetables? At 7 months, gradually introduce fruit and cereals, meat, turkey and rabbit. Try small doses of these foods 1 time in 3 days. And track response crumbs. Enjoy your meal!

introduction feedingIt is not difficult? We continue on! The main idea - the child begins to meet the new product with small doses (the amount of food the size of a pea). Procedure and composition of micro-doses are not principled. All write in a food diary. If a positive response - continue to gradually introduce new products.

Principles of weaning at 7 months

Breast milk, as always, plays the role of not only the main power supply to a year, but also as an "antidote" to help cope with the foreign protein. Following the path of pedprikorma, you will have to significantly revise the food the whole family - less salt and fry, bake longer and cook for a couple.

Gradually the number of complementary foods increases. It should be possible to move away from homogenized puree - baby quickly learns to cope with the caught from the soup vegetables, whole cereals, pasta.

Traditions weaning at 7 months in other countries and in Ukraine

Some countries are beginning to lure with avocado. Tasty, it is neutral, it is useful, but we have other traditions!
Vegetables: squash, cauliflower, broccoli, pumpkin.
Kashi: buckwheat, rice, corn, oatmeal.
Meat and oil: rabbit meat, turkey meat, vegetable oil, butter.
Fruits: apples, pears, prunes, banana.

If there is an allergy, with tummy problems?

The product was removed and try to enter a month. The reaction was repeated? Dish rule for six months.

Gradually and consistently - the main rules of complementary foods. Start with the one-component products. Puree of several components can be trying when all products have already successfully introduced one by one.

During the week, the product is administered 1 to 1 feeding a day. Lure offer to breastfeeding or before receiving an infant formula. The first product is administered for 14 days, the second - for 10 days (adding 1 h. spoon to the initial 0.5 hours. spoon), the third and subsequent - 7 days (adding a day for 1 h. spoon).

Supplemental breast milk or formula. It is important to introduce products at a time.

grudnichka menu for months: it is necessary to give the baby to 7 months /

Rules of introduction of seasonal fruits and vegetables in 7 months

If the introduction of new products coincides with the season of ripening fruits and vegetables and you are assured of their quality, offer crumbs mashed own cooking. But doctors recommend the use of industrial products, because they are higher quality control.

Fruits. It would be the best mashed apples or pears. Something like crumbs over, but something might not like it at all. Therefore, sweet fruit is better to offer after the savory vegetables, in order to avoid problems later when administered in the diet.

If a pipsqueak stretches to your plate, on it should not be spicy, smoked and other harmful food. Adhere to the principles of healthy eating! Then the baby can be: first, a portion of a grain of rice, then - with a small fasolinku.

grudnichka menu for months: it is necessary to give the baby to 7 months /

The kid does not get the weight - actively offer porridge

When the weight of the lure shortfall start with porridge. First introduced glyutene: rice, buckwheat, corn gruel. Then oat, afterwards - multizlakovuyu, wheat and millet (only if you are sure that the baby - not a potential allergies). Munk struck from the list of weaning foods.

How to enter the meat

Meat contains proteins, fats, vitamin A, B vitamins, niacin, iron digestible. Meat purees offer crumbs after 7 months. If the baby is lowered hemoglobin, the meat is introduced into his diet a little earlier. Start with turkey and rabbit. Then have a beef, later - chicken and pork.

Lure - no task with a single right decision. It is a space of creativity, trial and compromises.

We offer you the approximate menu for baby 7 months bounds. The main lure is already entered, the child met with some products and normally they digest. In any case, the proposed menu - not the ultimate truth, but only a reference point, which we hope will help you create the right menu for your baby.

The table in the first column is the meal (breakfast, lunch, etc.).

In the second column - about the menu. Sometimes indicated several menu options. Porridge and mashed potatoes, use the appropriate age your baby.

The third column shows the approximate maximum and minimum amount of food that a child should eat 1 meal.

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