Actress Katherine Tyszkiewicz: Growing up in a family of doctors - not for the faint of heart

For the Day medic, June 16, one of the main characters of the series "medfaka" on the New Channel he told about how managed to grow an actress in the family neurologist and cardiologist.

- I have a whole family - doctors! - said Katya - mum neurologist, cardiologist dad, grandfather surgeon, pediatrician and my grandmother! Of course, everyone was sure that I would go in their footsteps. But I'm already 10 years old said that I would become an actress! I went to the theater groups, participated in the production of the play, and then completely went to study in Kiev Theater University. Karpenko-Kary.

Grow up in a family of doctors, though not easy, but interesting, Catherine admitted.

- Growing up in a family of doctors - not for the faint of heart - the actress said. - Sometimes I am very winds mom. For example, talks about his patients, a psycho... She looks at me with a patient says, and asks: "Do you feel, I will now look slowly cut off the head ???" So a physician I did not! And I certainly would never have become a neurosurgeon - imagine, literally digging through someone's head! And my grandfather, a neurosurgeon, almost with an ax chased the pope, so that he did not smoke. Because he knows how it is harmful to blood vessels.

In the series "medfaka" who "Diesel Studio" was removed by order of the New Channel, she was finally able to join the family profession.

- Once all of my family because I wanted to see the doctor, I decided for myself: one day, will definitely play a medic - Kate laughs. - And then, finally, I got it in the "medfaka"! Although the show I was still a student, in addition, bad learning, his specialty, and I do not know even a prick really do not know how! But we'll be much more fun than in real life!

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