Go out of your comfort zone: 3 Effective Tips

We used to be in the so-called comfort zone. To live in a familiar rhythm. Rather, even trite.

That's what we call our a lifeWhich has long been a "warm bath". However, for a long time to be in this area is not necessary. After all, it gradually begins to absorb our ambition and aspiration to new heights. We'll show you how to deal with a "warm bath" in these councils.

Determine what is beyond your comfort zone

Simply put - be aware of what you think is worth doing, but you are afraid that because of the possibility of disappointment and failure? Draw a circle and write these things after lap. This process will allow you to accurately determine not only your fears, but also the boundaries of their comfort.

Decide what you want the next point to win

Take the list with its "inconveniences" and move on. Remember that the main emotion that you want to overcome - it's fear. How this fear spreads to every situation? Narrow. You are afraid to meet new people? Why? Because I do not believe in the sound of his own voice? You are not sure about your appearance? Or are you afraid of being ignored? Decide - wherever you want to go and why. For example, if you are having difficulty with communication and contact with new people, your task - often to meet and make this process familiar and comfortable.

Change your space

Most currently untilled field to leave the comfort zone right in front of you - it is your home! Rearrange, new and interesting things, or even repairs will help you improve the space around and feel happier. Start eating breakfast on other foods, make productive changes in the daily routine - let your imagination run wild.


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