How do we know what problems you have in the body of the person

It appears, on the face can even diagnose disease. And all these bags under the eyes, pale skin, acne - can be said that any organ or system failure given.

So, if your face began to happen any problems, the first thing you and start working on it immediately. But experts recommend not to hurry, maybe this alarm bells about the presence of a disease. Of course, only on the basis of the face can not diagnose the disease. But suppose the presence of the disease is possible. In any case, accurate diagnosis will only help the doctor! After visiting a medical facility, you need to provide all specialist symptoms that bother you. And, in particular, to point out the change in the person. So the doctor will be easier to detect the presence of disease (or perhaps lack thereof) and prescribe treatment in a timely manner to the patient.

Diseases that can be seen on the face

liver disease

Now with liver problems in people appear often enough. And then cause disease may be as a medication, for example, antibiotics, alcohol abuse etc. And, by the way, liver problems often asymptomatic, and the diagnosis is sufficient difficult. And what will tell your face? Usually, in case of problems with the liver in humans and cover becomes tinged with yellow, and the whites of the eyes, and a rash appears between the eyebrows.

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Diseases of the respiratory system

Due to the lack of oxygen, due to, for example, with a rare stay on the street, there can be problems with the respiratory system. How to identify these diseases in the face? Typically, a person with respiratory problems turning blue skin between the upper lip and nose. Moreover, there is the presence of vertical wrinkles on the nose and cheeks flush with clear boundaries. With these symptoms it is necessary to consult a doctor and tell that you are additionally concerned.

Diseases of the genitourinary system

If a person in violation of the kidney, the body is stagnant fluid. Genito-urinary system can not cope with their excretory function, so may appear big bags under the eyes, as well as swelling of the neck and eyelids, and often sagging skin of the cheeks. It turns out that a person begins to look much older than his years. And in renal failure can also greatly disturb itching in the neck, forehead and cheeks.

Diseases of the blood vessels and the heart

Usually, when anemia pale skin. But not only the skin, but the eyes, lips. This is due to the lack of hemoglobin, in fact broken oxygen flow to organs and systems. At the same time, by the way, can still be seen lighting the tooth enamel, it can become very white. So, if you noted that your skin has become some kind of whitish, it is a reason to visit a cardiologist. When blood pressure increase occurs, contrast, redness of the skin. Also, this symptom can be accompanied by the appearance of yellow rim around the eyes.

Of course, only such a "facial" featured in no case can not put an exact diagnosis. To rule out the presence of the disease, or, on the contrary, reveal it, you should definitely see a specialist. And by the way, a man speaking to a medical facility, sometimes hears a completely different verdict than what it was originally intended.

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