45 everyday parting words centenarians

Sometimes life is not enough advice from a wise man. I would like to do the right thing, do not want to make a mistake, you want to seem better. That's why I always turn to the help of this memo, which contains life's farewell from centenarians.

• Rejoice in everything that surrounds you. Try to see all the liveliness and positive. If you look at the events surrounding and kindness, you will be much easier to live.

• Try as much as possible to walk barefoot on the grass and earth.

• Stay near the water helps to clear your mind and get rid of fatigue.

• Drink purified water as much as you want. But only water, soft drinks from the bottles will be put liver and mineral water clog vessels.

• Every day, eat vegetables. The first place should take beets, then everything else.

• From the meat should be abandoned.

• Discard all of the fried potatoes, canned food, biscuits, sausages, sweets, pickles. Your main meal should be: greens, beans, cereals.

• Eat often and little. And not to eat a lot more water and drink compotes.

• post, this will be your victim before God, but also improve your health. Fasting helps to rejuvenate a few years.

• We must work after sunrise and go to sleep after sunset. And efficiency will be higher, and the rest complete.

• Do not give up lunch sleep. Half an hour is enough to improve your health. But do not sleep after eating, otherwise the blood thickens and the vessels become clogged.

• Sit less, but enough sleep enough.

• More than walk. Often ventilate your house. Hands and feet should always be warm and your head cool.

• If you have a weak immune system, it is possible to strengthen its plants: currant, strawberry, raspberry, preparing of these infusions.

• Eat nuts to the brain work better.

• Treat people with kindness. After all, everyone can find something to learn.

• Do not expect what you are destined, it will sooner or later you will "catch up. But also do not have to wait for what you never get. Live easy!

• Do not tell fortunes, reading or astrology to guess. Keep your heart and soul clean.

• If you are very bad at heart - walk, better by the water or in the woods.

• More spending on the move. Do not be afraid to learn something new, so you begin to update themselves.

• To rested body enough to work his head to the nerves - hands.

• Do not be too risible and scoff. But stay fun!

• Walk at least half an hour after dinner.

• Do not wash down the food.

• From the very infancy tempers child. Let him walk barefoot on the grass, let him spend more time in the sun, even in busy land, water, runs through the nettles - all this will benefit its body.

• Vegetables cook better as a whole, since all good remain in them.

• Prepare yourself tea from herbs, berries and fruit. For example, tea made from pears helps relieve inflammation and pain in the joints. But shoplifting teas, coffee and beer ruining heart.

• If you have a painful, then let your body rest. And for that eat all day just one dish, the next day - another. And so for a week.

• Once a week, sit only on the nuts and apples, to use their time at 2 o'clock. So you rejuvenate the body.

• If you realize that you have become tired quickly, and you have everything goes wrong, eat carrots for 2-3 times a day, it will restore power.

• Here's how to avoid the common cold. Eat garlic, nuts, do not wash with hot water, sleeping much walk barefoot on a dry maize.

• The berry season is necessary to eat every day for a cup of any fruit from the cherry to watermelon.

• Leave time to be alone with yourself and your thoughts.

• Do not listen to the people, listen to your heart.

• Do not pay attention to what people are saying about you. The main thing is that you do to stay clean heart and soul.

• Do not judge people, forgive, not conflict.

• Love, so in the heart will not fear.

• Do not try to be better than anyone else. We all have our own way and their achievements.

• Remember that a poor man - not the one who has just a little, and one who just is not enough.

• Do not abuse the children and even more so do not hit them, otherwise they will grow up slaves.

• Do not argue with people, each of us has his own truth.

• Do not teach people how to live, but I advise you, if ask for advice.

• Never consider yourself the best and most intelligent.

• Do not consider yourself as an example for other, better look for him near himself.

• Do not deprive yourself of a healthy full sleep.

These tips will help you stay young, healthy, happy, and build relationships with people.

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