5 ways in which people destroy their lives and do not even know about it

All people want to live your life happily. But it is possible to units. Why it happens? Just one live fully, and others destroy their lives without even knowing it.

Psychologists distinguish 5 most common ways that people ruin their existence. This happens for different reasons each person, leading to a unique sense - unhappiness. Which spoils our lives?

How not to spoil your life? / istockphoto.com

Marriage is out of fear of loneliness

All have a girlfriend married, Got children, and you alone? Loneliness causes a woman to marry her first called - and this is a mistake. Loneliness - no big deal. It is a way to learn about yourself a lot, to understand what you really want, what you like and what kind of companion you need. Getting married, because we need and the "clock is ticking", you doom yourself to life with the unloved person. And this leads to disaster.

Proving everyone what you stand

You threw a guy? Hurt a child in school? Or the parents do not exercise due diligence? Now you prove to them, that stand in reality. The feeling of "revenge" helps achieve a lot, but not always, it is your way to happiness. Example - Hollywood stars. Many showed his coolness, but from misery to use alcohol and drugs.

Do everything in order not to upset the other

You go to college at the Faculty of Mathematics and dreamed of becoming a journalist? Let's go to work, because my mother said that this prestigious company? Married or married, because parents insisted? And when you live your life? Doing all, as others want, you are setting yourself up for misery. At one point you will realize that life you have one and you do not live it fully.

Obsession with the past

A person's life - it is a series of ups and downs. If dwell on the past, you can significantly spoil your life. After all, the past is no longer correct, and present and future - in your hands.

Compare your life with someone else

Your classmate annually resting in Bali, and you go to his mother in the village to dig potatoes? Your childhood friend has bought a car, and you even have the right not to get? Comparing their life with someone else, you are always going to do it is not in their favor. The only person who can compete with you - yourself. And if today you are better than yesterday - this is already a victory.

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