5 false beliefs that prevent live in pleasure

During the years of life each person generates certain values ​​and beliefs. They either help us to develop and grow, or prevent to live happily ever after. What beliefs hurt us?

Some settings we form in childhood in the process of education. Others come to us in adult life. Negative attitudes interfere with a person to move forward and live happily. Check whether you have such beliefs?

False beliefs / pixabay.com

Money - the evil

This is the most common false belief that people absorb with their mother's milk. Money is considered evil, and rich the most awful people. But it works poverty psychology. Considering that money corrupts, you do not allow yourself to earn more. Now look at the finances, on the other hand. Money - it is possible. The possibilities to take care of yourself, to make yourself and others happy and help other people.

I'm just lucky

You look at someone else's successful life, and it seems that successful people were just lucky. They were in the right place at the right time. But nobody thinks about how much they were going to that place, how much work is invested and what had to be sacrificed. For a beautiful picture is always hard work, remember this.

I do not blame, because the circumstances

Government is to blame, that I have a small salary. Blame the parents, I did not get a proper education. Familiar? Why is this false belief? It shifts the responsibility for your life to someone else. Understand that you are only responsible for yourself. Parents could not give you a higher education, but for so many years, you could get it for yourself. At your work you little pay, because such an economy? Have you checked the labor market? Maybe for the same positions in other companies pay more. Taking responsibility for your life, you turn it in the direction of happiness.

My life is worse than ...

Social Networks depict the lives of others in the most glowing colors. Your classmate is resting in Thailand, and you - in the country. But she can rest in credit and lives in odnushke, and you're in a three-room apartment, and even bought the cottage. Social networks, like an iceberg - roughly 10-15% of life show there, and the rest is "under water". We can only guess that the person is actually going on. Your life is worse only in the case if you are hung up and follow someone else's. While you're peeping through a crack someone else's life - your passes.

They must change

The husband needs to change tomake you happy. Children also need to change. And mom, dad, boss and work. But maybe the problem is in you? Changing their husbands, career and place of residence, once you come to one conclusion - by itself can not escape. The only person to whom you can influence and change - is you. The rest you can either accept these or continue to want them to have changed.

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