5 changes in the body that occur at the time of the embrace

Why do people embrace? In order to express their feelings and emotions. We can help embrace to say about his love, compassion, respect, gratitude, and other feelings. And at the moment of the embrace in our body take place not only emotional changes, but psychophysiological reaction that not only have a positive effect, but also bear recreation for the human body.

Hugs help a person become calmer, happier, more balanced. It is a kind of rehabilitation therapy for us. I want to tell you about the changes that occur in the body at a time when we are with someone hug.

Hugs and normalize the nervous system

Have you noticed how at the time of a strong nervous strain, hugging a loved one yourself, you feel some kind of support and peace of mind? Scientists explain this as follows. On our skin are Pacinian corpuscles or tactile receptors. During embrace with another man, they immediately react to short pulses and send signals to the brain via the vagus nerve. So, if your loved one is bad, just hug him, and it will become easier.

Hugs help reduce the negative impact of stress on the body

Cuddle help at times to reduce the level of cortisol in the body. Gradually, he comes back to normal, and there comes a calm. The man thought normalized and stress slowly recedes. Scientists on this subject confidently say that sincere cuddles help a person to feel safe. Relax, and get rid of negative thoughts. Normalized markedly emotional state.

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Embrace improve, as the mood and well-being

During embrace human body produces the hormone serotonin. This hormone is also called hormone of good mood. The higher its level in the blood, the person becomes happier, calmer and more confident. Scientists conducted an experiment with respect to such effect, and concluded that the most common cause of depression and sadness is the lack of human embrace. Even gloomy person can significantly lighten the mood, if you just hug him.

Hugs help to relax the body

When strong arms to close, you cease to strain muscles, because there is a contact with another person with heat

Embrace normalize heart rhythm

Again, not the bare facts, and research scientists! They conducted an experiment in which managed to reveal that people who regularly cuddling, become calmer, stronger, and their heart rate and heart rate more stable. The more relaxed heart beat, the smaller jumps heart rate, the lower the possibility of obtaining any heart disease.


If more time to carefully read this article, it can be concluded that hugging - this is very useful for any man! In addition, it is a very pleasant experience! How can often hug their loved ones, especially children in the parent's arms and feel more safe! Hug those who are now not easy, who are faced with life's difficulties and failures! Lucky for those who are very fond of "hugs". You can definitely say that such people in health and physical and mental health!

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