Universal ways to deal with rude

We are surrounded by snappers, which can spoil the mood even stranger. You should know how to behave when faced with a cad.

1. Agree with the rude

Most often quarrel begins because of a dispute, and snapper begins humiliate you or bullying, the conflict broke out. In this case you can agree with him and say that he did not have to prove. Of course, it is not necessary to agree with the unpleasant things, but if the dispute arose out of nothing, the method of work.

2. Laugh at them

It is not necessary to exercise their wits and, especially, to stoop to rudeness response. Laugh it disarms, believe me.

I sincerely say that he says stupid and funny things. Way snapper feel how ridiculous it in your eyes.

3. Answer hectares rude courtesy

You can get out of the situation, answering a rudeness with kindness. If a quarrel not gone too far, or you, for example, do not want to spoil relations with the person, can in response to the boorish statement thanking him for the information.

See what surprise flash across his face.

Remember that you do not have to endure the boorish attitude. With the help of the above methods, you will avoid conflict as well.

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