6 June Angel Day and Oksana Xenia: beautiful congratulations name day

June 6th birthday party celebrate Oksana and Xenia. Do you have friends with the same names? Be sure to congratulate them on the Day of the Angel!

Names Oksana, Xenia came to us many centuries ago in ancient Greece and have become very popular in Ukraine. It means "wanderer", "a stranger", "guest" on a version of "hospitable". It is believed that the name determines the nature. Oksana - a purposeful, independent woman who never allow themselves to insult, not too simple, but interesting life. Congratulate with Oksana and Kseniya Day Angel. Editorial kolobok I gathered for you beautiful congratulations verses for the birthday girl.


according tochurch calendar June 6 recall Xenia of Petersburg, which is considered the patron and helper of all women, and about the miracles and prophecies which are legendary.

Name Day Oksana and Kseniya say as much as 6 times a year: January 31, February 6, March 20, August 26, September 15 and June 6. If among your friends and relatives, there are women with these beautiful, have already become a traditional Ukrainian, names, do not forget to congratulate Oksana and Kseniya on the Day of the Angel.


Happy angel you, Oksana,
? Let peace and happiness ever?
Do not leave the house, you ask for?
Suppose you're in there and you yourself.
?? Oksana, you hospitable ,?
You know how you do not lose heart.
? Let pouring song name day,
? Let it be in the heart of grace!

Oksana, name came ,?
That this day will bring today?
? I want people to love those you
? That get rid of worries.
?? Let relatives help each other,
? Let your dreams come true,
? To you I wish only the best ,?
In order to be most happy you!

I wish the beloved Oksana
? The birthday delightful holiday ,?
To find the happiness you ,?
Brought many joys different ???
Life has become so like a fairy tale ,?
So that your dreams come true.?
To the problem of higher orders?
Easily and should be allowed.

I want to say to all without cheating:
-? My sister, well, better than anyone else !?
So name day, Oksana !?
Suppose that in life is waiting for you success ???
Let the people be near bright !?
And only joy into the house!
? Fire in the former entrust the ashes ,?
Well let you bestow warmth!

Oksana, name day wish
Today I congratulate you, right now !?
I wish I cherished dream
? To carry out more in this hour ??
I wish in life sets wins ,?
To love our friends and know exactly -?
What lies ahead is full of happy years ,?
So do not lose heart!


Oksana, Happy angel you !?
Congratulations to congratulate today,
? It should not be forgotten about the birthday party,
? I wish you from yourself: ??
Clear skies and sunny days,
? Good and faithful friends and friends ,?
The house - affluence, comfort always,
? Let it not at the door knocking trouble ???
Health, success, smile in the eyes ,?
Faith, hope, success in business ,?
The family - understanding, warmth and love.
? Let the youth flame is not extinguished in the blood!

Oksana always stubborn and confident
? An example for many is you.?
As a true friend of the life you checked ,?
As a woman you are - the standard of beauty ???
At your birthday party wishes are simple :?
Let there be cloudless days a year.?
Eyes sparkle let happy glow ,?
And the way illuminates the star of luck!

Happy angel Oksanochka, you?
Congratulates our entire family !?
Much we want you to be?
Everything in life is to fulfill the dream.
?? And so I was happy ,?
To ladilis you doing ,?
That love was great.?
With the name-day, dear daughter!

W day angel Oksana, vіtayu ,?
Zdorov'ya mіtsnogo Bajan ,?
High zdіysnyatsya the Dream,
? I Usі spodіvannya of Hope.?
Mіsyats i zіronki yasnі ,?
High svіtyat tobі in nochі.
? A day high sonechko syaє ,?
The I svoїm teplom zіgrіvaє.
? High angel you oberіgaє ,?
The I zavzhdi on dopomogu pospіshaє.

All the kindness, yak іsnuє in svіtі ,?
All radіst scho Givet Sered people ,?
Naykraschі, OOO All scho to vpodobi, Kvity
? I grant you, Oksana, in Tsei beautiful day !?
High Matіr Bozha you ohoronyaє ,?
In dushі panuє Svitla goodness ,?
Іsus Christ Zdorov'ya posilaє
? On mnogії i blagії lіta!


High angel dopomozhe krokuvati stitches Zhittya,
? And the Lord podaruє share the Dream,
? On the day of heart with very high іmenin perepovnyat pochuttya,
? Soul od Happiness zapalaє that zradіє ,?
Health Protection slit bazhaєmo hundred lіt ,?
In lyubovі that prosperity protsvіtannya,
? Let him Tsey day lunayut of vsіh storіn,
Namesday, Oksana, naykraschі privіtannya!


Sogodnі Oksana ,?
Іmenini tvoї.? Bajan Tobi fun ,?
Rejoice od dushі.?
A glass of wine I pіdnіmayu ,?
For tvoє vipivayu Happiness.?
Health Protection mіtsnogo ,?
High Lord went.?
Sontsya clear ,?
Dwellers zіgrіvalo you.

Angel vdoma in you CCB ,?
Tozh molitvu tvoyu Chuv,
? On the I tvoї іmenini ,?
Vzhe daruє schohvilini:
? I pud ​​Pud zdorov'ya vіri ,?
Kіlogramіv sto of Hope ,?
Funtіv mіllіon lyubovі,
? The I kohannya not slovі,
? And so karatіv vіdertse,
? Radostі in your heart with very ,?
Well i slit bouquet udachі ,?
The I dobra in your vdachu!


I Priglyadayus Calendar, scho for such dnina ,?
Tse Well at you sogodnі Oksana-іmenini!
? Bajan, schob Zhittya bulo, yak seem - raspberries,
? Schob have you ere for mіstom virosla Ha Tinh,
? Pid vіknom, schobi tsvіla chervona viburnum,
? And garazhі, schob Gurkan novenka machine.
? The I schob s tsogo bi polovina zbulos hoch!


Sogodnі fell on іmenini?
In Oksanen, naykraschoї dіvchini!
? I tell you the I, Krasun, vіtayu,
? Lyubovі Tobi i radostі Bajan.


Sonce іz sky radіsno syaє ,?
Promіnnya for you in a bunch zbiraє ,?
Vіter shepoche, mov promovlyaє ,?
You іmeninami of Oksana vіtaє !?
Vechir come, the sky temnіє,
? Dawns sky tvoє іm'ya malyuє ,?
Mіsyats in vіkontse tvoє zaglyadaє ,?
You іmeninami of Oksana vіtaє!


Charuє hearing tvoє іm'ya,
? Naykrasche of vsіh іmen - Oksana,
? Mabuchi, tomu, scho taka ti Krasun,
? Ospіvana in pіsnyah zіrkami.
? Let him daruє dolya mrіyu,
? I in "kogos" bilja your heart with very Thane
? Let him behind Me, you vіter potsіluє ,?
Whether radіsna, schasliva i kohana!

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