10 habits that do not allow to get out of poverty: change the settings

Poverty - it's not always financial condition. But rather a way of thinking. How not to fall into the trap of his own mind and feel satisfied, successful and happy? We understand with personal growth coaches

The sad thing is that people do not respect themselves, constantly thinking that are not worthy of a comfortable and fulfilling life. Therefore, the ability to bypass them by.

Likely to installations which are rooted in the mind, become the main obstacle on the way to a comfortable life.

dissatisfaction with reality

All around are to blame for the fact that the person lives in the circumstances, but not himself. Such a person can not take responsibility for the reality that is created. When you realize that everything depends only on you, then it begins to change something. It will be hard, but it is necessary for further development.

How to get rich: 10 outrageous causes of poverty, which should be eradicated / istockphoto.com

Personal Growth Fear

Stability does not always bring satisfaction, but you blindly for her stay. Labor book, some real estate, live from paycheck to paycheck... The problem is that you are afraid of a new life, to which every time aspire to their dreams. Maybe we should stop to betray yourself, take the first step to prepare for failure, smile and deservedly come to his luck ?!

Success only others

A man with a habit of poverty does not believe in an honest success anyone. If a colleague has achieved increasing, it is only the fact that someone has to strive for it. Psychologists call this a kind of protection from insolvency. If the individual does not recognize the success of another, it means that he is not ready for the arrival of their own. Learn to enjoy the universe to understand that you are also entitled to it and want to take it in my life.

senseless extravagance

Once a person receives a salary, he is tempted to do something to spend it. Often, it does not matter what specific things (sweets, clothes mountain, cosmetics). The main thing - to get a sense of unprecedented satisfaction after the acquisition of such property will be in his hands. After a month you worked for it!

Unfortunately, many people take the money just as a means of subsistence. Few people want to save money in a targeted and invest in self-development and health. This is the strong foundation for successful people. Jni not spend, and invest in yourself, travel, experience new reasonable acquisition /

survival course

Experts notice, that it is a program "to the bottom", which is inherent to childhood, kills all the idea of ​​the numerous possibilities. They are. We just do not see them because of their limitations. Constant thoughts about what to cook for a week and what to wear, driven into a corner and not allowed to develop.

Hope at random

The poor are always welcome when they fall cash jackpot. They do not rely on ourselves and shift the responsibility to the family, fortune, game machines, or pyramid schemes, from which then themselves and suffer. After all, they need to justify their position.

How to get rich: 10 outrageous causes of poverty, which should be eradicated / istockphoto.com

Financial blindness

Now people make money on what is possible. Many people are amazed at how successful people are skillfully varied finances, supposedly without any special effort.

However, to make a fortune, they had to work on them, get out of your comfort zone, to offer thousands of ideas and to find a sponsor, and they do not talk about it.

While poor people will suffer from laziness, procrastination (conceived to postpone plans for later) and complain about life.

Lack of confidence

This quality or brought up from childhood, or produced over the years into adulthood. I must admit that the world is cruel. a lot of competition prevails in every step. So you need to be mobilized, active, with mobile psyche, ready to stress and change, at any time to show that you are worthy of a place in the sun.

A surefire way to - to start to play the role of self-confident person, and then everything will fall into place. It should also be soberly aware that all the current wealthy people receive many times failures before to achieve stunning results. Do not be afraid to knock on doors and even step on a rake! Paradoxically, it is the failure to help to meet the dream!

cheap products

A person with a low income is forced to buy low-cost food. The main thing that it looks - the expiry date and price. The taste and enjoyment of food goes to the latest plan. Year this absurd habit of taking root in the year. Even when there is an opportunity to buy something expensive, you make a choice in favor of taste habits. To radically change the situation, we must now build your own reality. Start buying delicacies, cutting off the idea that it is expensive. Thoughts are material!

Control over trifles

When coming out of the store, you can not take your eyes off the check in my head after any purchase is constantly spinning thought: "How many are left? Will there be enough in my life? ", Then you are in a trap for the poor. Even when able to improve the financial situation, the fear may continue to haunt you.

How to get rich: 10 outrageous causes of poverty, which should be eradicated / istockphoto.com

The course is the result!

  • Divide the paper sheet 2 columns. Write the negative thoughts and replace them with a number of positive attitudes that will give you the opportunity to develop.
  • Rely on positive thoughts and actions according to the plan.
  • Not to bear the burden of injuries in the future, I'm sorry friends and enemies.
  • Tirelessly develop confidence and creative thinking.
  • Talk with successful people and delete from the circle of friends nerds and pessimists.
  • Arrange holidays for the soul, let them motivate you.
  • Remember that you can not rely on other results, day after day performing the same action. Not always a light in a single window. Get out of your comfort zone.

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