Dangerous if iodised salt?

Russians want to teach to the mass consumption of iodized salt. On whether to use constantly enriched with iodine is harmful product speculate Russian specialists. Reported medikforum.

Iodised salt - iodized table salt
Iodised salt - iodized table salt

Rospotrebnadzor has introduced a requirement for kindergartens and schools to use only iodized salt when cooking food. The authorities are concerned that the Russians do not get enough iodine. According to the Ministry of Health, iodized salt eaten less than a third of Russian citizens. The department indicate the prevalence of diseases in the country, caused by iodine deficiency. It is possible that the law will be adopted, according to which all the salt in the shops will be iodized.

But think about the need to use only iodized salt - can not this harm health?

According to pediatrician private medical center Lina Muradova, absolutely harmless drugs do not exist. And iodized salt is hypothetically capable of, for example, to bring harm to the body of the child, if it is consumed in large quantities. The doctor also pointed out that for the assimilation of iodine necessarily need vitamins A, B, E and selenium.

In turn, a dietitian and consultant on nutrition Oksana Velichko expressed that people should be able to choose between normal and iodized salt. According to the specialist, an overabundance of iodine dangerous as excess of any substance.

Another Russian physician, endocrinologist Anna Goncharova, noticed that iodized salt should be consumed in small quantities, and then it would only be useful. Goncharova cautioned against dragging chips from algae: This product contains too much iodine, many times higher than permissible limits, and this contributes to an excess of iodine in the thyroid disorders gland.

The doctor added that for the prevention of iodine deficiency is useful to regularly eat marine fish or seaweed, and advised not to salt the food during the cooking time, and after cooking.

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