How to become a better mother to her child: 8 Tips

Thoughts on how to become a better, are constantly in our minds. Quite often, at the end of the day, we analyze what happened during the day. Is this good or bad?

In fact, with each stage children It has its share of problems. And many experts give good advice, how to cope with them. But sometimes nice to just do something not according to instructions. And these are things on which, in fact, do not need a lot of thinking.

Many people like to study the whole strategy to combat difficult things. But sometimes small and simple things - that's what really "works", and most importantly - it is something that enough time. And these small and simple things can be better than any professionally developed techniques.

You know what else helps? Sometimes the idea to let the perfect parent. We all know that there is no perfect parents, but we try very hard to be as such. But never will be days when you will do everything accurately and strictly by the rules. Therefore, sometimes, you just have to relax and here are some simple tips on how to be a better mother.

Let the children as much as possible embrace

Press down as often as possible to her crumbs. Caress, kiss him. All this can create real miracles. If you have any doubts, just hug him. Maybe it sounds strange, but, like laughter, it may be the best medicine for the baby.

Do not react to the situation dramatically

You get frustrated and bogged down in a fit of emotion? Try to learn to accept and control his emotions. Exit the room, where a conflict is brewing just two or three minutes, otdyshites before you react to the situation.

At first, you may need to calm and 5-10 minutes, but in due course it will be given much more quickly and easily.

Have fun with your child

Children so much fun. They are not burdened with pressing problems, in contrast to adults. If you stop and take a look at it, you can see how it's amazing.

They have a carefree and open attitude towards life. They are not afraid to be themselves, especially when it comes to them are not the best side of character. Fooled as often as possible with their children. This will benefit both sides.

Listen to your baby

And here we must not simply nod and smile, and really listen and hear crumbs. After all, children are, in fact, always know when we really listen to them, and when only pretend doing his chores or being in their own personal thoughts. Especially acutely aware of such moments, the older children.

Highlight each day the child a certain time

Try with all your employment and the lack of time to allocate time each day just for their children. It should not be too long. But make sure that this time is only for them.

Your child will remember that you have found time to play with him in the game, read a book. They will always remember it with special warmth, carrying this feeling through his whole life.

Remove your phone when dealing with children

Even if only for a short time. Hang up and take a child all the attention they so much want, need and deserve.

No child should not compete with the mobile phone for your attention.

Sometimes be next to the baby a little silly

Make a silly sound, or a few fun dance moves.

Children have this amazing gift of light-heartedness. Maybe adults should sometimes afford to behave more like a child than a responsible adult?

Keep your personal space

Sometimes, of course, easier said than done. But it is extremely important for any parent.

Just a little time for yourself can make you feel cheerful and patient.

Exhausted and weary mom hardly show their best side. You are also a man, so take care of yourself. Or at least try to do it! And then you will be more comfortable to be with those who need you.

Motherhood - it's a million different things, emotions and actions. There is no one right way. Days can be quite different, and among them there will be severe. But every day there is something beautiful. Always try to find the beauty and appreciate it.

Believe in yourself! After all, your children exactly like you, and, of course. And they believe in you.

For them, you are the best!