What should be done in November to save the New Year?

Frugal families begin to prepare for the New Year in November, so for the same money to afford more.

Reveals the secrets of the New Year savings!

Buy tickets and book hotel rooms in NovemberBecause during the Christmas holidays the sellers do not hesitate to raise prices sharply.

Do not be fooled by assurances that the New Year prices will fall, you need to prepare gifts now. In December, prices begin to rise, compared to the December, because people are beginning to stock massively show.

Consider a pre-New Year's outfit in clothes more expensive segment is 10-20% in December.

If you are planning to go to a restaurant, choose the one that already today it is possible to reserve a table on the 31st of New Year's Eve.

Finally, perform a general cleaning in the house it was in November. Firstly, you will significantly reduce the number of hassle before the New Year, and secondly, you will be able to lay down a rational shopping list that needs to be done.

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