A cheap cream that smoothes nasolabial fold

A cheap cream that smoothes nasolabial fold - minus 15 years after the first application

I did not pay attention to this shortcoming as nasolabial folds, many years. Namely, as long as the girlfriend started I do not comment on the matter.

The fact is that in my all time nosogubku crouch foundation and folded. It did not look very aesthetically pleasing and not nice to the end of the day.

The women at my work get rid of nosogubki using fillers. Put them need 2-4 times a year. And at one time it is a pleasure worth from 15,000 to 30,000 rubles.

I do not have such financial opportunities, because I'm helping her son to pay the mortgage. A daughter pregnant and does not work. Well do not throw me the kids? The family as a way.

As a result, I began to look for creams and other cosmetics for smoothing nasolabial folds at home among inexpensive cosmetics. And now that she has found.

Cheap Cream nosogubki

I bought an inexpensive cream for 420 rubles, which I put or render not only on the nasolabial fold, but also on the entire face morning and night after cleansing.

Notice I use the Chi-Klim cream is 40+. Since the company Evalar offers the same cream, but for young girls 30 years who faced only with the first signs of aging. 40+ cream costs about 100-120 rubles more expensive and is designed for adult women. It is this cosmetic product is able to smooth out the nasolabial fold without beautician and fillers.

Advantages of the cream:

  • fills in fine lines
  • tightens facial contours
  • It refreshes the skin
  • It gives light
  • gradually removes the NLF
  • gradually smoothes deep wrinkles.

My review of the use of the cream

I noticed a small result after the first application. But the full picture I could see only one year after using the cream.

The girls at work said that I began to look younger than 15 years. They think that I began to go to expensive beautician. After all, I did not tell them the whole truth about cheap cream for smoothing nasolabial folds.