Gazlayting. When you are told that you are losing your mind

This is the new buzz word includes several concepts:

People management

Here is an example of pure water "gazlaytinga" which faced almost anyone.

You live with the husband / wife. In general, you are all well, but at the level of intuition, from time to time there is a feeling that the second half is deceiving you, that you manipulate and try to make a fool of you.

For example, the husband said that is in a meeting.

From the point of view of logic Meeting 24:00 - it's weird, you understand, but any attempt to find out the truth they tell you that you're crazy. That the man earns money for the family is trying, and you are still rolling out and claims.

Or the wife says her from work directed at improving the skills and increase takes place in the hotel where you can not enter.

And she wants you to take her to the alleged "meeting" with it at night. Trying to find out something, you run into a storm of indignation and negativity. Attempts to find out the truth end up crying out, you crazy salt, it works to the night and more and you're here with the claims.

That is, Gazlayting - a situation in which you with every fiber of his soul feel a lie, you know, that man with you is what the double play, but can not prove it. In my head you start dissonance. You kind of on its side (the side of his common sense), and on the other, you can not prove their case for lack of evidence.

Usually people who are exposed to Gazlaytingu trying to get to the truth. But the deeper they dig, the more deeply buried because their cunning manipulator player and prove the truth is almost impossible not to see everything with my own eyes.

And people who use this method of psychological violence is very good psychologists and act cleverly and carefully. They feel you like no one else and keep you hooked.

Such relationships are hurt, especially if the last for a long time.

If you feel that something is wrong, then try to get out of an unhealthy relationship. Do not try to find out the truth. Most likely you are right and finding out everything you need to be ready to do something. Ask yourself the question: what do you want to get to the truth dokapyvayas?

If the person you are suffering and does not react to your condition and continuing on to bring you to your provocations, then by such a person has to run well, or a close eye on all his tricks and live quietly.

Because otherwise you will to a psychiatric hospital on the doorstep.

Take care of yourself!

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