A marriage of strong, if the calculation is accurate

Is it bad marriage of convenience, and that it is better? Live in poverty, but love or live in prosperity, but without feelings?

Disputes in this regard are continuing for many years and will continue for as much. People are arranged in such a way that it is always something lacking, and meet a man who will say that it's all there and it suits all - is not possible.

In fact, it's good, because without this approach, people would not be far to seek and develop. They would have stood still and would not have wanted to come.

In this article, I will take as a basis for a marriage in which women are respected, but not like a man, not experiencing feelings for him passion and tenderness. A man, in turn, loves and adores the woman. Take care of her and protects.

Below I will give the reasons which prove that a marriage of convenience rather than a love marriage (in poverty).

1. A woman looks at the situation soberly and adequately assesses man. Most of the problems in the family begins when the "rose-colored glasses" fly off, the action of hormones stops and you need to look at and assess the situation without illusions. At this point, many are beginning to realize that a mistake in the choice of love, and one can not eat.

When all is calculated and decided on the banks, without emotions, rationally and wisely, the chances that this alliance will fall apart - is minimal. Everyone gets in such a union that he wants, and everyone is happy.

If marrying rose-colored glasses were not, and claims will not. This is a big plus, and in such marriages is less likelihood of divorce.

2. A man who loves a woman more than she did, always will strive for it to grow their potential, develop, earn more and become stronger in the world of men. Lovely woman with a man moves at unbelievable deeds and heroism.

In this situation, everyone wins. And a woman who is always just enough. Attention, money and prosperity. And a man who loses money even if never lose the ability to make money, deal with the difficulties and fight. A strong man is always a price, regardless of what is happening around.

3. The woman will not require the constant attention of men and love (because it does not like it). The man, in turn, will not be tormented by excessive pressure, thereby freeing itself from the shackles and having the opportunity to develop.

Women's head as free from inherent loving states painful excessive jealousy and other "charms". She do not care and have the opportunity to develop, and do them.

Yeah, maybe it sounds crazy and it seems horrible. But, for me, such marriages are indeed more rugged and durable. No one will be disappointed if the calculation was originally built correctly. And if a woman is smart, wise and adequate, man, too, will be happy in such an alliance.

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