From which women enjoy?

Women's nature is different from men. But if you think that is difficult to bring a woman pleasure - you are wrong.

Women know how to enjoy the simple little things. So, let's begin.

1. Shopping

This is due to the fact that the woman is vital to show off and enjoy yourself. Confirm to themselves and others their beauty. And that pleasure is maximized, it is important to delight a loved one.

If you will sometimes go with his beloved woman for shopping and admiring the way she looks in clothes - it will certainly get pleasure from these campaigns.

2. Hiking to the beautician and a variety of beauty treatments

Every woman wants to look beautiful, well maintained, and be attractive. To do this, she just need to go to beauty salons to bring myself up. Even small and expensive procedure makes a woman happier and more satisfying life.

3. Time for myself

As it is important for men to tinker in the garage with the car or with the fishing gear, and for women it is important to be alone with yourself and your jars, sklyanochkami, creams and scrubs. At this time, the woman taking care of yourself and your body and gets from this process pleasant emotions and pleasure.

4. Go for a walk with her friends

It is sacred. Beautiful dress up, make up, to show my friends and those around her beauty and a new dress and ornaments. Discuss with the "girls" the latest gossip and news. Share something new and to listen to what others say.

For women (as well as men) it is very important to share information for development. Well, he charges the process of finding a woman in the female energy of the company and making it happier.

5. Go for a walk alone, and not in a hurry

Women multitask and they are often carried out at the same time so much to do that no one man can not dream. Still would! On the fairer sex hang chores, children, work. And still need to look good, play sports, take care of themselves. And it is desirable to have a hobby development.

Of course, it's hard. And the woman is vital to devote one day a week or at least once a month, when she will not be in a hurry and do not want anything to do. It's just a woman's happiness.

6. Relax

All that has been described above - a holiday, but still it is associated with some activity. For a complete happiness woman just need to lie down in silence, watch TV or TV show, read a book, relax and do nothing. And if they do, it is lazy and reluctant. It is desirable that on this day the woman brought food, and do not interfere with listening to the silence.

The main rule - do not often with pleasure, otherwise satiated woman and for her, it will not be interesting.

Everything is good in moderation.

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