How do you know that before you "that" man

Very often, the girls kept asking: and as I understand it - this is what I need? How to identify it at a glance? What should it be? What do I feel?

In fact, the answer to these questions is, and you will feel when next to you will be "your people."

And so, what happens when appears on the horizon "that" man?


Everything is obvious. Between you either burn or not to burn.

Your man is born in you a feeling that you are familiar with for many years. You want to be closer to him, I want to talk, I want to touch it, and all this does not cause you discomfort, you just have a good side.

And this can happen in the first few minutes of dating, and after a while. Depending on how quickly you will be able to open up to each other.


If the first day of your communication more like flirting than on fraternal friendship, you should look at, and if he the same?

His man we feel on a subconscious level, we are not afraid of him and did not hesitate. Well, only if the first time. Then our genetic codes to decide for us.

Reaction kissing embrace.

Hugs and kisses make you a surge of positive emotions, and adds energy and activity. You seem to hover in the air and you have a pleasant touch that person.

You simply charged from each other and you want to closest approach. And after those moments you want to create and build, you inspire each other and become happier.

Care, caring. Unselfishness.

This man is attentive to detail in relation to you, he will give a hand, bring a drink, fill a glass and hold the door for you. Your comfort and good mood he cares no less than his own.

Moreover, he will sacrifice their well-being for you. You'll feel it all the time. But, you, in turn, want to thank him for his kindness. At this point, the harmony that you both feel.

It is very important that when a man behaves with you as a man, you just have to act like a woman. And balance is possible only if such a development of the relations.

Interest in you.

He is interested in your health and mood are important, you and your feelings for him. For him, it is important to be well with you. And is this not a sign of a person who is right for you?

Also, it is interesting how was your day, how's your mom or cat. All that is important to you, it is important for him. He wants to make you a good and easy, so interested in you, he wondered whether all with you in order that in case of danger - to eliminate it.

If all these features come together in one person, there is every chance that it will be for you the best in all respects.

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