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As you remember, in a previous article I told you of fashionable and beautiful hairstyles that are gaining huge popularity this winter thanks to its ease of performance, ease of maintenance and chic appearance. You can read them by clickingon this link.

And today, I will tell you about the most beautiful version of the most fashionable hairstyles ensuing winter.

About French haircut fashion world learned relatively recentlyBut in spite of this she was able to conquer many of the fair sex. Among the other highlights of its simplicity and elegance.

To achieve such a combination is not easy, but it managed to stylists. Only now do this hairstyle, not everyone can master, and therefore should carefully approach the selection of a specialist.

What are the characteristics of this hairstyle?

Became so popular hairstyle because it is incredibly gives volume to hair. At the same time it can be done on any type of brand, it does not matter you have thick or thin hair.

Length you can also choose at will, and heed the advice of a specialist.

Grooming is very diverse, because you will definitely be able to find their variation.

French haircut is truly considered to be the standard of beauty and pick her owner's good taste.

What are the views of the French haircut?

Like many other haircuts, the French also boasts a wide range. On the one hand, they all resemble each other, but at the same time so different.

The very French haircut is done on the basis of:

squareThe most popular option.


Of course this is not all the variations, there are many more. But it is on the basis of these are considered to be the most interesting and elegant options.

What makes this cut above the rest?

The main feature of this hairstyle is itself creating appliances. So, to start the wizard runs with scissors, and then only takes up part of the temporal lobe, which shaves with a razor.

Thanks to this arrangement, the main focus is on the eyes, the length of the neck, and the nose is adjusted. The truth here is pronounced cheekbones owners of this hairstyle does not go.

Haircut itself is extraordinary, unique and rather bold, Its complex technique only makes it more more interesting. Because it certainly deserves attention.

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