Early Learning Center, a section circle: Top 7 tips on how to choose the right

Modern parents a huge selection of early school development - the eyes diverge. In any qualified children's center is required to have a group for the
small. What to consider when searching for the first school for crumbs?

Children under 3 years have enormous potential, this is a special period in the life of a child when the psyche is formed and laid the foundation for furtherdevelopmentintelligence. Training in groups of early development can help make good use of this golden time, broaden the horizons of the child, to instill learning skills in children's team. Today, there are many specialized development centers of early development and children's clubs, offering already from the cradle to make of this child prodigy. The choice is yours!

Developing a plurality of methods. There are centers, where the practice of one of them. For example, in Montessori- or Waldorf Group crumbs will teach strictly on one program. Most combine different approaches centers. For example, the method of Glenn Doman and the program "Music with mum" Ekaterina and Sergey Zheleznovs Zaitseva cubes, physical therapy exercises, the development of fine motor skills and speech.

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Top 7 tips on how to choose the right development center

1. Requirements for teacher

The man who has decided to work with the kids, of course, should be engaged in self-education: to attend special seminars, take courses, for example, the formation of fine skills at an early age read a lot of literature. It is reasonable therefore to ask:

  • which was the center of teacher training
  • Do you have a license for developing the center to provide educational services.
  • find out where and how long to work as teachers, whether they were dealing with education was of little children. It is desirable that the teachers working with the children at least 3 years. Very well, if the teacher own maternal experience. You will immediately notice an experienced person: he is not afraid of children, resourceful, active, his eyes burn when it is running.
  • often between mothers and teacher tied a conversation without relating to the training in the center directly: how motivate your child can or can not be punished for harm, how to assess achievements and correct to praise. Well, if you and the teacher on the same wavelength in the important issues of education and development of children.

2. Near the house

Consider options for pre-school institutions as close as possible to the house - perfect if they are in walking distance. So it will be easier for both you and your baby.

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3. Good reviews online

Read reviews on the Internet, there are published ratings of children's clubs in the cities. In large early development centers have their own websites, where the smallest details can be learned about teaching methods. Well, if teachers work in the system "Together with my mother," because a child under 3 years is not desirable to separate with my boyfriend.

4. Environment and material and technical base

Go to explore and enjoy all the complex: environment, material and technical base of developing center, benefits, quality of service, the staff, because you have to come with a baby there is not less than 2 times week!

5. Specify the time and duration of employment

To the lesson was effective, it should last for about 30 minutes in a group of 5-6 children. Prefer morning classes or afternoon nap time.

6. It is very important that the kinds of kids activities ranged

At an early age children can not concentrate for a long time on one task, quickly get tired and lose interest. So ask for the schedule.

If the child does not want to

Some parents complain that the classroom teacher criticizes many kids, it gives an estimation of their behavior compared to each other, and even when the whole group. If something like that happens to you, do not be silent, and not tolerate violence against the person. It does not cost any knowledge in the world!
Another problem - the reluctance of the crumbs do what he is asked. Mother need to show your interest in what the teacher offers help to captivate the child.

Early Learning Center, a section circle: Top 7 tips on how to choose the right / istockphoto.com

Training, development, movement

In good childcare center kids allow adaptation period (lasting from 2 weeks to a month) to freely express themselves. Over time, the child will get used to the course of studies and understand its structure.
Not so important, that remains from the first days of visits has learned as many English words and learned account. Major role in the development of the child now plays in the socialization of its children's team, the development of language skills and fine motor skills. For moms same developmental classes - it is an opportunity to get out of the house, switch, talk with a psychologist Center, other moms.

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