Early development techniques: pros and cons

Today, there are a great variety of games and the early development and education techniques. Hard to understand at what age should begin to deal with, is it necessary at all to do and what method to choose. Help!


its feature It is the simple physical exercises designed to develop fine motor skills and speech (applique, painting, games, dances and songs, designing and modeling). The main thing that the child is doing on their own. Therefore, the parent task - to organize the entire process and provide the child with all necessary. In this technique, the baby chooses what he played, which wants to train. Parent helps and guides the crumbs, suggesting that to do. You can start from 2.5 years. Examples of activities: the shifting of hands from the plate in a plate of rice (buckwheat), finding a bottle cap desired shape, familiarity with the subject (pulled out of the pouch different objects, calling them), cut with scissors circuit. There is an important process presented itself. All spread out, to place, to show that you need to do and tell you how to implement it.

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+ Produced by independent decision-making, care, discipline, observation.

+ The development of the left hemisphere, which is responsible for motor skills, logic and analytics.

Accordingly, the right hemisphere is responsible for creative, do not develop.

No active physical development.

No element of communication and socialization.

Not everyone can go technique. For example, active and creative children are very quickly bored.

Methodology Nikolai Zaitsev

Aimed at teaching children reading and numeracy at an early age. At the same blocks are used for reading. They come in different colors. They depict different syllable (a consonant with a pair of hard or soft sign of consonant and vowel or one letter - PA-PO-BO-3, A-E-S-T). Education account takes place by means of numerical series. The process itself takes place in a fun and playful way. Children sing these syllables prohlopyvaya their hands, run and jump. The principle according to the same is carried out, and familiarity with mathematics - from special tables kids do arithmetic. You can start with a 2 years.

+ Education and numeracy.

+ Development of creative thinking, training visual memory.

There is no development of fine motor skills, which is needed in preparation for writing.

the early development of techniques: the pros and cons / istockphoto.com

Glenn Doman method

its feature - a card on which are printed the words big, red letters. These words need to loudly pronounce the baby out loud. Classes are held on a regular basis several times a day. As the development can be attached and cards, educational account. They look exactly the same, but instead of words - terms. This procedure is recommended to perform regular exercise are different from birth.

+ Storing large amounts of information.

+ Train visual memory.

+ Physical development.

+ Because of the regularity of busy parents spend more time with their children.

The child learns not individual letters, and all the word by comparing it with the picture.

There is no practical application of knowledge.

- Kid can be a "walking encyclopedia", but at the right moment, do not be conformed to use their knowledge.

the early development of techniques: the pros and cons / istockphoto.com

system Nikitin

Children learn creative thinking and free in its manifestations. Parents can provide options and a way, but not to make a choice for the child. The kid has been as much as he wants at the time, combining the sports and other activities. If the crumbs do not get an assignment - it does not matter. Just it should be postponed until such time as the child gets older.

Sport in this procedure is in the first place. Hardening from birth, mandatory daily charge, a sports area in the house.

+ Means home schooling.

+ The rational organization of its time.

+ Intellectual, creative and physical development.

Little attention has been deleted speech development.

Very hard verge of sporting life and hardening (walking barefoot in the snow, pouring ice water).

the early development of techniques: the pros and cons / istockphoto.com

Methodology Makoto Shichida

Based on the structure of the brain physiology of the child and has been successfully used in many civilized countries. Love - the most important element in the education and development of children! All children are born geniuses, but improper handling at an early age does not allow to develop their natural abilities. It is important to embrace the child at least 8 times a day, and listen carefully to him.

Suffice it takes 30 minutes a day, changing the type of training every 10 minutes, all should be in the form of games. Develop imagination - an adult tells a simple story, it depicts a child heard. The game principle "memo" - cards show your child a few seconds, then turn over and ask you to find a picture. Labyrinths and anagrams of varying difficulty contribute to the development of spatial imagination and ingenuity. Praise your child correctly. The system also includes listening to classical music training in a particular system to play musical instruments and many more interesting things. It is important that in the early development Makodo Shichidy necessarily includes active play indoors and outdoors.

The conclusion is clear: it is necessary to find the very middle ground. You should not entirely be absorbed to any one method. In fact - just spend more time with their child. Explain to him that and why grows and lives in the forest, park, read books together, draw, dance. For the crumbs will be more valuable to your attention. And do not forget that the child needs to develop gradually and consistently. Not be loaded all at once. Give him all the same childhood!

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