10 will take on the wedding dress: that it can and can not do after a celebration

Almost every girl dreams of a child to wear a beautiful white dress on the wedding day. A dream come true, but then what to do with this dress, what signs there are in this respect?

Around the wedding dress, there are many beliefs and superstitions, our ancestors believed that the bride - a powerful amulet for family happiness, so we were very careful with him. What can you do with the dress after the wedding, so as not to incur the family troubles?

need to store wedding dress, the marriage has not broken

It is believed that to give your wedding dress is to give family happiness to another woman, to whom it will get. Given the importance that give the wedding dress more our grandmothers, it is quite logical, so if you do not want to give away his fortune, the dress you want to save.

Sell ​​dress can be no earlier than a year after the wedding

If you are not superstitious and do decide to sell your wedding dress, it can be done no earlier than a year of living together. It is advisable to sell the dress to people you know personally, that it has been used in the correct order.

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The dress can be reused

If you think that a wedding dress to you is not useful, you are mistaken: wedding, photo shoot, repeated the ceremony through the 10/15 years of marriage or other significant events. Who wedding dress in mostly classic style and it will go for the elegant evening gown. Remember, if the dress is crowned, it must necessarily be retained.

If the wedding dress sewed his own can not be sold

If the bride herself was sewing a dress, decorated it, for example, knitting lace, then this dress can not be sold for money, it is special, since charged a special energy to family happiness and well-being. You can pass it by inheritance or gift, but did not sell.

If you decide to sell, prepare the wedding dress

Before selling the dress need to prepare yourself to erase not worth it, better to entrust this work to professionals and take to the dry cleaner. Also make sure to not to dress your hair is left, threads, pins and other things.

In any case it is impossible to take her wedding dress rental

Such things are able to accumulate and to attract energy, so you really risk your family happiness and prosperity.

Leaving the dress itself, eliminate defects

If you are going to keep the dress as a family heirloom, it is necessary to bring it into proper condition, withdraw spots, hem and remove other defects. It is believed if the store torn dress, mother in law will treat you with hostility. If you cut off the buttons, they also need to sew, otherwise there will be constant quarrels with her husband.

Do not give your dress to try on her friends and family

If you choose to save this thing, you should not give it a fitting girlfriend or someone else. Such things are special, they can attract someone else's energy, which can negatively affect your relationship with her husband.


This can be done if you and your husband have lived a long and happy marriage, then this dress is a happy and bring your children or grandchildren only happiness. But if you are divorced or have lived an unhappy life, share it with your children is not worth it.

In no case can not be thrown away or incinerated

Such actions can bring your family into trouble. If you do not want him anywhere to give or sell, but do not intend to keep, alter it into a dress for her daughter, or use it as something in the interior, but do not burn and do not dispose.

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