Signs for each month will help you choose the ideal date for a wedding

If you are planning a wedding and just select the date, pay attention to people's signs, they will help you find out what month wedding promises a happy life, and in which - the quarrels and tears?

Marriage - a very important stage in the life of two people, so it would be desirable, that all went smoothly and well, so that the family lived a long and happy life. But, alas, this is not always the case. What you need to consider when choosing a wedding date that was dominated by the love and happiness in the family?


A wedding in January, is to begin life with a clean slate, so the young family will face difficulties and uncertainty. Marriage will be happy if the couple will be able to support each other and overcome all difficulties.

The first week of January - not a time for weddings, since last Christmas post and noisy celebration can cause problems and conflicts in family life.

End of the month - a prosperous time for the wedding, as the end all religious holidays and strict prohibitions.

Our ancestors had the weather on your wedding day predicted what will be the life of the young. So, if your wedding day in January:

  • bright sun - it promises the couple's financial well-being;
  • bitter cold - the marriage will be strong and happy;
  • light snowfall - the newlyweds some surprises;
  • blizzard and snowstorm - newly spouses expect trouble and discord in the relationship;
  • rain - couple faces challenges and tests. The groom must strongly safeguard the bride from rain drops, or may soon lose her love.


A marriage contracted in February, will be strong and long lasting, such unions are very rarely break down.

If the groom on the wedding day podskolznetsya and fall, this marriage will soon fall apart

If a wedding in front of the Presentation, February 14, waiting for the young and happy life in love and harmony.

On the day of the wedding the groom must be very careful if podskolznetsya and fall - the marriage will soon fall apart.

You want your home was prosperity and well-being, on the day of the wedding the bride should bring to the groom's house blanks: jam, pickles.


A wedding in March - will soon change their place of residence, can even move to another country.

If your wedding day is a strong rain - young waiting wealth and well-being.

If in March on the wedding day frosts struck, the son of a healthy young heir is coming soon.

In the last days of March, the wedding is better not to play, as the newlyweds will wait for a serious test, which can ruin a marriage.


April Fool's Day - not the best time for a wedding, or marriage can be just a bad joke.

Wedding in April, the couple prepares surprises, white stripes will be replaced by black, there will be many tests and challenges. If the couple cope with all the difficulties, the life they will have a long and happy. If your wedding day is often the weather changes, a family waiting for frequent quarrels and conflicts.


It is believed if the young were married in May, the "lifetime will suffer", that is, the marriage will be unhappy.

According to take if a wedding in May, the family can lose a child.

Family life will be happy, if the Young rings are smooth, without any stones and frills.

If you play a wedding in May, be sure to redeem the bride, then the family will live comfortably.

Wedding on the Red hill Antipascha and will be very successful and will bring the young a long and happy life.


The June wedding - "honey" as the bees begin collecting honey and this promises to spouses sweet and happy life.

Wedding in June to play deliberately, the solution must be a serious and balanced, otherwise it will suffer the deceptions and betrayals.

Bright sun on a wedding - a passionate and strong feelings in a marriage, but a strong wind can dispel feelings of the newlyweds.


Wedding in July, will bring a young good luck and happiness in family life.

July - wheat harvest season and our ancestors was full of worries, so it was thought that the life of the spouses, to be married in June, will be full of worries and troubles.

Family, established in July, will be a very hard-working, everything in life they will achieve through hard work

If the family is established in July, it will be very hard-working, the couple will have to put a lot of effort to the house was full cup.

If the wedding day there was a heavy rain - the young will not need the money.


September - an auspicious time for weddings, but you need to choose a date that does not fall on a post, or happiness may turn away from you.

You can not play a wedding on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, otherwise the family will have constant quarrels and conflicts.

To the family always had a love and money in August wedding to play on the growing moon.

The bride at a wedding should be in closed shoes, it will protect the family from quarrels and conflicts.


Wedding in September - the key to a happy family life, our ancestors believed that the wedding September 1 promises newlyweds happiness and a strong love of family life.

If you get married in September, then family life will be calm and measured, so if you want a bright and rich life, full of adventure, then September is not the most opportune time.

In September, you can not play a wedding in debt, or else in the family will have constant problems with money.


October - the perfect time for a wedding, it is believed that if this month to marry, then such an alliance would be under the cloak of the Virgin.

Wedding in October promises the couple love, stability and prosperity.

If the wedding day thaw, then the family will love and happiness, and if you hit the cold - the spouses are waiting for the test on the road to happiness.


If the night before the wedding, the snow fell, the bride should run barefoot on it - it promises a great happiness in family life.

If the groom give the bride a sprig of mountain ash, then her love for him will be eternal and infinite.

If the wedding day heavy snow and blowing snow means there will be harmony in the family, and financial well-being.

Be sure to cover the rich table, while married life is relaxed and carefree.


If the wedding, a heavy frost, the life of the young will be very happy.

If the day of the wedding the young couple saw crows and pigeons, so they will have a lot of kids.

If in the beginning of December to celebrate a wedding, husband and wife for life will be recognized each other in love.

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