How to choose a bridal bouquet on the sign of the zodiac: the flowers of happiness horoscope

Bridal Bouquet - is an important attribute of the wedding. But not all flowers are suitable for different signs of the zodiac. What kind of flowers should always be in the bride's bouquet under its sign?

Approach to the choice of the bride's bouquet should also be careful as to Choosing a wedding dress. Today you will learn how a flower must necessarily be in the bride's bouquet under its sign.

Aries - poppy

Bright Poppy perfectly shows the essence of the Aries-bride. Aries girl - extraordinary. You can use the central poppy flower bouquet, if you are not afraid of its brightness, and can be - as a supplement to the primary colors.

Taurus - Dahlia

Taurus girls definitely need to include in the composition a wedding bouquet dahlias. This flower - a beautiful and luxurious as the bride Taurus. Better to choose the autumn varieties of this flower.

Gemini - double tulip

Gemini combines the duality as double tulip, which is a double. At first it seems that this flower is not very grand, but it becomes like peonies, when dissolved.

Cancer - hyacinth

Beautiful, fragrant hyacinth and aristocratic perfect brides cancers. The romantic nature of this sign of the zodiac representatives will appreciate it. Note that the blue hyacinth means sincerity.

Lion - king protea

Exotic and colorful flower suit no less bright and charismatic Lions. Especially because this flower is now very fashionable to use in floral design.

Virgo - lilies of the valley

Although lilies are small, but they are very catchy and beautiful flowers. They are suitable for all Virgos 100%. That's just no better combine lilies with large buds of flowers, their beauty is not lost in the overall composition.

Libra - peony

Peony harmoniously fit into any style of wedding: from the lush royal family to the party. A main feature of Libra - harmony. Therefore peony should become the main flower in the wedding.

Scorpio - a rose garden

The magnetism of Scorpio can be compared to the magnetism of a full-blown rose. Therefore, the brides of the sign of the Zodiac Astrologers advised to include in your bridal bouquet of roses.

Sagittarius - bougainvillea

Southern bright flower emphasizes the vitality of Sagittarius. Therefore bougainvillea should be present in the bouquet the bride Sagittarius.

Capricorn - hellebore

This flower is the same as Capricorn. It is so strong that it blooms in the snow. It perfectly accentuate these traits Capricorn bride as assertiveness, determination, but at the same time the intimacy.

Aquarius - Japanese magnolia

Large flower Japanese magnolia fascinates so much as the personality of Aquarius. This flower - a symbol of independent and goal-oriented person, such as the bride-Aquarius.

Fish - Sweet Pea

Sensitive, modest, vulnerable and romantic nature - Pisces. Same as sweet peas, so this flower will suit them just what we needed. An interesting fact, but this flower - a favorite with Queen Elizabeth II.

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