Butterfly Organza: 3 ways to create a delight with his own hands

With the arrival of spring come alive nature, the first flowers appear, the birds are singing. We still have to wait only heat, but really want to decorate the house for spring with bright colors. So today we are with you today do butterflies in organza, which will help get rid of the boring winter and usher in the most romantic season.


For this we need the butterflies:
- organza light and bright shades
- the contours of fabrics of different colors in tubes with a thin spout (available at art supply stores)
- tape-gossamer width of 2 cm
- colour pencils
- glue gun and glue
- fine decor (beads, rhinestones)
- wool felting or a piece of felt, foamirana or several beads and wire (for calf butterfly).

Define the size and pattern of its butterfly wings. You can select from proposed or independently found on the Internet (for a start we recommend not very complicated circuit) and printed out.


organza size should be slightly larger than the wings. You will need two identical pieces, so how we will stick together to give the density.

Between organza put cobweb-tape and glue carefully by ironing the iron (with a temperature suitable for organza).

The resulting bilayer preform to impose a printed pattern, and fix the staple draw out circuit according to the line drawing tissue. Apply contour can be on one side, but you can on both sides, depending on where and how we propose to use a butterfly.

After drying circuit again ironed workpiece iron (with a temperature suitable for organza).


paint the workpiece crayons if desired. Small sharp scissors carefully cut out flaps along the outer contour of the part.

Torso butterfly can be matted wool, rolling between the palms, cut from felt, or foamirana make several suitable size beads strung on a wire.

Attach the wings to the calf hot glue. Glue decoration ready.

Here's another version of the production of butterfly-like technology. Materials are practically the same:
- a piece of white organza, and of the same size - thin white fleece
- black indelible marker (thin or moderate thickness)
- colored pencils, glitter glue (glitter)
- a thin wire
- sewing pins with heads, beads, thread
- glue
- toothpicks, a few pieces.


Cover with a printed pattern butterfly Nonwoven fabric piece and transfer the outline of the picture marker on interlining.

Permeate (as if stitching, sewn) thin wire pattern on the contour, the ends of the wire subject to nekleevoy side nonwoven fabric.

Fold organza and nonwoven adhesive side inwards and glue, proglazhivaya iron.

Coloring butterfly colored pencils, optional use glitter. Cut along the contour. Of toothpicks form the body: glue them together and wrapped with thread. Mustache serve sewing pins.

After manufacturing a few simple butterflies can choose a more complex pattern. You can also cut the finished embroidered on organza butterflies, now such embroidery is popular, but our butterflies are not worse!


These butterflies can decorate curtains, walls, make a separate composition. If we organza patterned fabric can be a little starch, cut butterflies, decorate their nail polish with mother of pearl and sequins.


Very easy to perform butterfly of two squares, 8 and 10 cm. You need to cut them out of organza, folded like an accordion for each square diagonally and fix the needle and thread. Most accordion - the upper wing, lower - lower wings of a butterfly. Join them together, top sew or glue the torso of hot glue beads and small beads.