Teachers' Day 2019: it is strictly forbidden to give

Very soon, on October 6, Ukraine will celebrate the Teacher's Day.

According to tradition, this day Students and parents can note favorite teachers a small gift. Of course, the most popular colors, they can be a supplement to the main gift.

But what to choose as chief a present?

In this article we will talk about that we should not give the teacher, not to offend him, and not to fall into an awkward position.

Money. Be prepared for the fact that the teacher will refuse such a gift, describing it as a veiled bribe.

Linens. A good gift, but present it can only be friends, and not just an acquaintance.

Cosmetics. Selection of cosmetics - an individual process, it is difficult to guess with cream, and with a choice of water parfumnoy - almost unreal. If you like the idea to give cosmetics, stop for a certificate in the store cosmetics, so the teacher could choose herself what she needs.

Alcohol. Absolutely inappropriate gift, even if it is a luxury spirits, can offend people.

Kitchenware. Such a present might also be regarded wrong, he's a little stereotypical, and suggests that a woman's place - the kitchen.

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