Pregnant in the car: a simple thing that will save the life of mother and child

During pregnancy, it is very important to follow the rules of safe travel in the car, especially if the expectant mother herself driver. One of these rules - the use of seat belts. But how to be pregnant mom at later date, when the impressive size and tummy to wear uncomfortable? For this purpose there is a special adapter.

The use of special safety belts for pregnant women, together with other Safety rules expectant mother in a carMobile, It makes the trip much more secure and comfortable.


In fact, ordinary Wearing a seat belt in the later stages is quite dangerous in case of an accident. It can peredavit stomach and cause extremely unpleasant consequences, including miscarriageand premature birth. Not wearing seat belts, too, can not ride in a car (yes, even in the back seat). So what to do?

there is a solution. There are special seatbelts for pregnant and a special adapter for pregnant women. This is a variation of seat belts that are safe for the mother and the unborn baby. Such a device attached to a vehicle seat and additionally fixes the belly without peredavlivaya it.


The adapter is at the bottom, in the groin, and in the event of an accident, help to avoid miscarriages, placental abruption, fetal kinked.


The price of such a thing a little bite, but it's worth it, because the security - above all else.

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