What is the best footwear for driving machine: women's secrets

To smoothly operate a vehicle, you need to feel comfortable, because on this depends the safety of drivers, passengers and other road users. That is why, to the choice of shoes for driving a car it is important to take seriously.

However, do not rush to extremes: the widespread belief that the heels while driving is prohibited, is only partly true. They must be chosen correctly - all a matter of style and material. It is important to remember that uncomfortable outfit - One of the common mistakes novice drivers, which can lead to trouble.


Heels are resolved! You will be surprised, but the best option for a girl behind the wheel is not considered to be ballet flats or sneakers, and slippers with a heel of 3-5 cm. However, there is a caveat: even 10-inch stable heel rather than a 4-centimeter "liqueur glass" - pay attention to style, shoe, thick.

Choosing the sole.The sole of the shoe should be flexible, so you can feel the pedals. For those who are just starting to drive, better to choose a model at a low move.

Features seasonal shoes. During warmer months, take care, that sandals or ballet flats are not "flew" with the feet, they should be fixed well. In autumn and winter it is important that the shoes are not squeezed ankle and foot hovering.


It is forbidden to wear. There are options for shoes that are not recommended to wear at the wheel.

• Unstable, thin, high heels "hairpin", "wine glasses" heel wedge +.

• Clogs, sandals and other footwear on a cork platform - in which you absolutely will not feel the pedals. Some countries have banned their drivers to wear at the legislative level.

• Very thin platform of slipper type.

Removable shoes for the car. We understand that to mess with "smenkoy" - not the most convenient idea, just like in school. But, if you have found a perfect pair of shoes for comfortable driving - why not leave it to "live" in the car? This option is perfect for long-distance travel and help maintain cleanliness and freshness in the car,since you will not be regularly "enter" into the cabin dirt and dust from the surrounding roads.


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