5 tips to choose the right motor oil for the car

On how well you take care of vehicle depends on the term of his life. Even a novice driver understands that respect for the engine - a guarantee that your car will serve you faithfully for many years. One of the most important procedures for the "heart" of the machine - regular replacement of lubricants.

Most motorists worried about something how long you can not change the engine oil, to ride without problems.This question is a very specific answer. Somewhat more subjective then what grease is still selected. We offer you heed our practical advice, so as not to get lost in a variety of lubricants.


tolerance automaker. To start, you need to look at the service book of the vehicle. Usually there are detailed guidelines on the use of oils. A similar question can be asked to authorized dealers of the brand. Most often, the recommendation is indicated by a code on the international classification of motor oils - SAE, API, ILSAC and ACEA.

Previous oil. Thoroughness in the selection of spare parts, technical fluids and "consumables" for the car -

One of the features that distinguishes good driver from poor. If you bought a car "with hands", ask for a motor oil was used at the last change. This is very important, since different lubricants are different to each other are combined, some compounds may have negative consequences for the engine. If such information you do not own - it is strongly recommended before changing the oil, flush the engine.


Certification is required. Choose a suitable your engine oil, based on the number of those who are certified by the manufacturer of the machine. No need to blindly trust the sellers of retail outlets, "new and better" does not always mean that it is your "iron beauty," it will do.

Is defined in the form class and viscosity. Keep in mind, often on one tolerance automaker certifies not one but several types of oils from the same manufacturer. The difference lies in the form of directly lubricant (mineral, synthetic, semi-synthetic), in classroom and viscosity parameters. To avoid confusion, remember: the more run of the car and over the engine, the high-temperature viscosity should be higher. For advice on this matter, you can contact the experts, for example, at the station.


Buying oil. So as not to run into a fake (oil-counterfeits - a phenomenon very often), be sure to purchase lubricants only from an authorized dealer.

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