Automatic locking of doors in the car: salvation or danger

In most vehicles, there is an automatic door locking function, which is activated during the movement of the machine. Many drivers prefer to disable it, as the fear of being in an accident in the car with the doors locked and the inability to quickly get is stronger. Is it justified?

The use of such a function is obvious: it is an indispensable option if you traveling with childrenAs it will help to avoid accidents if suddenly you or your child is not fully shut the door. Or if the baby has decided to study the work of a decent speed levers and buttons on the doors of the vehicle.


There are situations when every second counts: the car is sinking or on fire, and the driver and passengers can not find their way, and to find the right button to quickly evacuate from the car. This is really dangerous.

But do not forget that engineers know their job. Founders of the car provided by the fact that the doors are locked in the car, in case of an accident, can be a threat. That is why, at hit in an accident and thus triggered the airbag, takes place automatically unlock.


Another thing is that the door (not locked) can jam due to deformation during an accident. Then you have to choose not only through the window openings.


The process of turning off the automatic door lock is slightly different for different car models. He is registered in the instructions to your machine. By the way, we advise you to study it. There you can find a lot of useful features of your vehicle, which you did not guess. Manual control lock occurs by means of a lever on the inner door panel or button on the center console.

And yet, we do not recommend that you turn off the automatic lock of the car. This is one of the most effective ways protect the machine against burglary or theft. And as a whole - an important condition for the safe autotravel, especially with children.


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