The more dangerous airbags: when and why they should be turned off

The invention airbags - the greatest discovery for mankind that has saved many lives. It is available in almost all modern vehicles, especially if they are - foreign production. So why do you need to disable it?

It is important to realize that sometimes this option can only bring harm. The ability to use all the elements of the security systemdistinguishes the good from the bad driver.


If the baby to come.When the child is traveling in the front seat in the car seat, then, first of all, turn off the airbag - is very important! In the event of an accident, the holding device will hold and protect the child, but tripped airbag can seriously injure and even - fatal.

For medical reasons.There are bone diseases in which the lightning triggered the airbag can seriously impair human health. In this case, the most appropriate solution would be to place the passenger on the back seat of the car and fasten your seat belts. The same rule holds true for people is very elderly age.


Remember, the most important reason that the airbag becomes deadly -

neglect of safety belts. It is important to understand that the cushions do not replace, but complement belts. Response speed cushions - about 290 kilometers per hour. Seat passengers hit on it with such force that it is better to "bump" on the steering wheel or windshield.

airbag disconnection rules can be found in your vehicle manual or the - Seek first instruction to specialists.


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