5 car fault, which prohibited the movement to continue

Fault detection in his car - a nightmare of any motorist. Typically, this means a forced break in the operation of the vehicle and additional costs.

It is important to understand what the car can not fault "blind eye" and ignored to the nearest salary. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a life threatening situation as when, for example, while driving brakes failedbut. Others fault may "help" you shlopotat rather big penalty. That is why, we suggest you to find out, what the problem persists movement is strictly prohibited.


Brakes.If you notice that something is wrong with the brakes - we recommend you to stay, and after - to send the car to the service station. Any breach of the system for leaks, defects brake actuators absence immobility vehicle on a slope up to 15-16% can lead to trouble.

Optics.Remember that the number, type, color, location and operation of lighting devices must conform to the requirements of the vehicle design. This applies to the front optics, turn signals and tail lights. If there are violations - continue movement is not necessary.

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Steering system. Cancel a trip to your car if faulty steering column, and it is impossible to fix, and if faulty steering. You will realize that something is wrong if:

• heard a knock on the car's suspension during movement;


• difficult rotation, heard the roar and increased free play of the steering wheel;

• flowing the oil from the hydraulic system;

• heard a loud noise power steering pump.

Engine. The reason for the urgent treatment in SRT is any fault Exhaust system: black / blue / very thick smoke - all of which should alert you. Not to exceed the permissible value and the level of ambient noise of your iron beauty.

Other faults.Prohibited to drive without a seat belt, as well as - if not working beep wiper / washer, There are tire defects, no mirrors - their number and location must comply with all the rules installation. We also recommend that you stop the movement if there is a suspicion that you They cheated at the gas station and flooded low-quality fuel.


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