Here is the number! What can tell the numbers and letters on your car numerology

Do you believe in numerology or not, but in the modern world figures all around us. Among them are those that accompany us every day. In particular, the number of the car, which you regularly trust life!

According to numerology numbers you number have an impact not only on transport safety car owner, but also his destiny. Find out what is the number of your iron horse.

How to calculate the denominator?

To note: not all of the letters of the Cyrillic numerological tables are used in machines rooms - only those that have the mark, similar to Latin (they are highlighted). If the car is registered in Ukraine, look for the Cyrillic alphabet in the table, if abroad - Latin.

To find out the number of numerological numbers of the car, Putting It All Together: alphanumeric codes. For example, car number: SV1043AI. Fold:
3 (C), 3 (B) + 1 + 0 + 4 + 3 + 1 (A) +9 (I) = 24 = 2 + 4 = 6. The code number of rooms - 6. What does it mean?

Here is the number! What can tell the numbers and letters of your car /

Meaning of the numbers

1. Code of leadership and luck. If you own a car with a code number, you can only envy. This machine brings happiness and very rarely gets into trouble. And if this still happens, out of them with minimal losses. Take care of her, try not to sell, not to lose his fortune.

2. Female version. Suitable man who particularly appreciates peace and harmony. Never exceed the speed and not on the road scorcher. Clean, good smell in the cabin, soothing music - here you relax your body and soul.

3. Your surprise. How many times have you scolded your car and call bad words! But otherwise, if it is now and then brings in the most crucial moment - it does not start, stalls, etc... But it will be associated with it the biggest rise in your career and money luck. So, before you part with it, think ten times.

4. Chronic loser. Most likely, you'll have this car is not the first or even the second. And very soon after purchase will understand why the previous owners got rid of it so often. Your car and then gets into minor accidents. In the workshop you already know in person. Change it without regret.

5. Family friend. Children give it a name and will be treated as a great good-natured dog. With his appearance in your family life will travel era, exciting trips, when the day behind the wheel is not a burden, because the next closest.

6. Loyal assistant. He will be with you for so long that eventually goes into the category of rarity. But you will not be able to part with it. Reliable, strong, this car seemed to give you their "health". The longer you drive it, the more will become sick less often.

7. Capricious Girl. Her need to constantly take care - to wash it inside and out, handle anti-corrosion agents, etc... Otherwise, for the lack of attention she immediately avenge - covered with rust in the most unexpected places.

8. Workhorse. Good car, strong, obedient. But causes tender feelings and emotions. Its owner will carry her large loads, fill to capacity trunk mount bike on the roof. And it is easy to part with her when turned up a better option.

9. Invisible to the police. A car with a digital code less other stopped traffic cops. Its owner feels behind the wheel easily and freely. And no wonder, because this iron horse brings luck.

How to count the number of destiny

On the phone numbers as simple - they need to be folded and lead to a prime number, from 1 to 9. But what about the letters? To determine the code number of each letter using a spreadsheet.

Here is the number! What can tell the numbers and letters of your car /

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