Protection from the sun inside the car: 4 Easy Ways

The sun's rays can damage paintwork and plastic parts of the car interior.

But experienced motorists know the secrets that help protect the car from the sun on hot summer days. Consider 4 proven method.

№1. If it is possible to park the car in the shade, it will be a great way to protect cars from the sun.

How to protect the car interior from fading in the sun /

№2. When it is impossible to leave the car in a cool, shaded place, it is possible to use an individual awning. This accessory looks like a cover for the machine, which is made from a special material solntseottalkivayuschego.

№3. To protect the interior from the sun's rays can also darken the side car window. The main thing that was the minimum percentage of light transmission, and do not violate traffic rules regulations.

How to protect the car interior from fading in the sun /

№4. To protect the car from the heat can be mounted under the windshield special flexible reflector. It can be purchased in many retail outlets.

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