10 things without which a car in the winter is better not sit

A motorist should always be prepared for unexpected situations in winter conditions.

A motorist parent - has to be doubly prepared, because simply conk out in the car on the track and do the same thing with a couple of children - two big differences.

Preparing the car for the winter, make sure that manned it with all necessary. Here are 10 things that must be in the car in the cold season.

1. Brush and scraper for snow

For convenience, you can buy a 2 in 1: brush, in which the back of the scraper. With a brush you clean the car from the snow, and the scraper will help you to clean ice from the windshield. Remember that it is better to have a car in two brushes for snow than frosty morning to discover that there is not one. Otherwise the car will have to clear the snow from her hands, and then wait until the oven heats from the inside - and thaw the windshield.

2. Spare battery or battery start

One of the most common reasons why cars winter "fade away" - a dead battery. Ideally, you should always have a spare, because the trouble can happen to you at night or in a place where no one will be "light" your car. You can also purchase a special start-up battery - its charge enough to ensure that you have got a car. If you are still looking at the wires for lighting - buy them as long as possible, so you can hold on to their other machines, regardless of how well parked.

3. Shovel

Shovel is indispensable if was heavy snow and a car covered with snow. Or if you are off the road and into a snowbank. To fit in the trunk of a shovel - buy a special folding option.

4. Supply of ice-washer

Winter washer consumes very active, because the windshield is constantly plastered with snow to mud from under the wheels of other cars. Ends washer is always unexpected and nevovremya. Because should always have a small margin, even if you only move in the city.

5. Warm clothes, a plaid

If you are planning a trip in the winter of the city - it is better to foresee all the possible troubles, and prepare for the worst case. If the vehicle is stall away from civilization, until the arrival of help you will need as many warm clothes. Do not count on the off chance and that with you it could not happen. If you are going somewhere with the kids - supply of warm sweaters, pants and blankets - the first thing that you have to put in the car.

6. Lantern

If trouble finding you in the dark, the flashlight you will be able to give a sign to other drivers that you need help. Also you will be able to at least see where you entered and the condition of the car.

7. Charged Power Bank for phone

If you get lost or need to call a tow truck or other assistance - that definitely you will need a working phone charged. In case he will sit down - and in the cold it will happen fairly quickly - it is better to have on hand one or two of the charged power-Bank.

8. Undershot, a thermos of tea

When you go on a long journey, you should always have a supply of food in the car and warm (not intoxicating!) Drinks. Even if you have planned a route from the filling to fill - in the winter on the road there is a high risk of being involved in an unexpected situation. And it is better to be prepared.

9. medicine chest

Although she and so should be in every car all year round, to the onset of winter, it should be additionally equipped with a blanket of foil. It is compactly folded, but perfectly retains heat. Also in the first aid kit to put warming patches. Do not forget to take with individual drugs, if you have the disease, for which you need a regular or emergency medication intake.

10. Rope for towing

The car is better to have two tow cable: standard and metallic. Standard useful in a normal situation, when another car will help you roll to the destination when a malfunction occurs. Pulling cable force must be at least 8 tons to your car might as well get out of a deep snowdrift, if necessary. A cable with a smaller driving force may tear. In turn, the metal wire is not exactly tear - but it has a chance to tear off the bumper, if you do not push the car more and back. With metal cable is better to address those who have experience of evacuation by a cable.

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