How to save money and buy quality car seat for your child?

In Ukraine, car seats became mandatory for the transport in vehicles up to 12 years.

In order not to overpay when buying a car seat, let's find out, on what should be emphasized.

Ukrainian drivers carrying children, now have mandatory acquire car seat. If a child rides in the car without it, the driver faces a fine - 510 hryvnia for the first offense and 850 for a repeat.

How did pick a good seat for the child and not to overpay?

Take a look at plastic

Compare plastic car seats in each price category, if it is no different, hence the difference in the strength of the subject there. Ideally, the more expensive seats serve up to 15 years and the impact is not deformed.

This is your child's safety and criteria worthy of attention!

How to save money and buy quality car seat for your child? /

check upholstery

Do not buy a car seat with a colored upholstery, also check with the retailer that has antimicrobial impregnation.

What do you say about the warranty?

6 months guarantee on the product give the economy class, more expensive products have a warranty of 2 years.

Seat belts

Remember, car seats are designed for children shorter than 1.45 meters. car safety belt anchorages are designed, respectively, to the man with growth above this value. Child such belts will squeeze the neck and abdomen, which can lead to injury.

Universal car seat or age?

You can buy a universal chair that is equally suitable for a baby weighing 9 kilograms, and for a child weighing 36 kilograms. Also, there are age chairs that will have to change as they grow older.

Of course, age car seats safer, but if the child does not often travels by car, it will be enough and universal.

How to save money and buy quality car seat for your child? /

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