Checklist for avtoledi: how to prepare the machine for winter

When people talk about the preparation cars for the winter, usually have in mind the change of summer tires for winter. But this is not all you need to do to find out once in the dead of winter and screaming children in the back seat that your vehicle is not traveling.

Sure about winter tires and you do not forget it (by the way, already it's time to "change the shoes", after the first frost all Tire scored). And be sure to check with our check-list that still need to check to meet winter head-on.

1. Windshield. If it has small chips, then at constant sharp temperature drop - cold outside, heating the inside - they can turn into large cracks. Accordingly, more reliable and cheaper to detect and repair chipped advance.

2. wiper blades. Car "wipers" wear out very quickly, especially during the cold season. But in winter they will be useful to you as never before. If the wiper blades leave streaks and do not cope with their task - they definitely need to be replaced. Better to choose bezkarkasnye brush: they are less than a frame, the snow sticks, they are more clean and more durable.

3. Liquid-nezamerzayku. Pour it into the compartment for pre-washer until frost struck in the tank and the ice is not formed from liquid existing therein. If you do not know what "nezamerzayku" choose, be guided by the fact that it must withstand up to -30 degrees Celsius.

4. Spark plug. They need to be replaced every 15 thousand. kilometers, and in the cold candle ignition especially quickly fail. The car did not fail at the crucial moment - need to change the spark advance, and the off-season.

5. brake pads. As the spark plug, it is constantly the wear Consumable. Winter erased brake pads threaten skid on a slippery road and an accident. Because they need to change, without waiting for excessive wear.

6. Battery. Do not forget to charge it, otherwise one winter day, the car just will not start. If the battery appeared plaque - it must be removed with warm water and baking soda.

7.Fuel filter. It should be checked and replaced if necessary. If a filter accumulate water - cold is greatly degrade engine performance.

8.Body and doors. Take the car to the car wash, and then treat with body protected against corrosion - from permanently adhering to the snow with reagents machine is not rusted. you will also need a lubricant for locks and door hinges - that in the cold they do not have frozen. The lubricant must be water-resistant, silicone-based. The pre-blown and door locks its hinges administered via syringe. Also lubricant must be applied on glass and door seals.

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